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There's no one way to run a business, but we have figured out what works for us. There's no one way to live a happy life, BUT WE're FIGURing OUT WHAT WORKS FOR US.

If you want to hear what we have to say and hopefully use that information to help you & your business become more successful, you're in the right place!

So stick around and check out the blog. If you like what you see, listen to the house fur happy hour podcast for more insight into our lives and processes.

We are a husband & wife
entrepreneur team hoping to
inspire & educate others.

and the lifestyle you want.

we believe You can have the business

XO   Ren + Caleb

and end every day with a smile?

wouldn't you like to begin every day with purpose,

— Ryley, photographer

We worked with Ryley 1:1 and watched her and her business thrive within a few months. 

"Ren & Caleb have completely changed the way I approach my wedding photography business. I've booked more weddings than ever!"

— Kaitlyn, podcast subscriber

As a small business owner, I'm always looking for good small business podcasts to listen to and I have been in a rut lately. Everything I've been listening to feels forced and only gives basic info. That was until I found the House Fur Happy Hour!!! Ren & Caleb are so genuine and that's what makes this podcast so special from the start. You feel like you're actually sitting down with them for a drink, and then you get gems of wisdom too. I recommend this for all small business owners, couples, and photographers alike. It's a must-listen!

- Jess: Plays well with butter food blogger

I met Ren + Caleb when they photographed our wedding in 2015. Since then Ren has grown to be one of my closest friends & biggest inspirations as I’ve launched my food photography business.

Her gift behind the camera is obvious as you look at her work, but what continues to blow me away is how freely she shares her knowledge to lift others up.

Advice she’s given me about my camera, lenses, set up, and working with clients has helped me build the 6-figure photography business I never dreamed I could have. 

— sam, one of our 2018 brides

After looking through Ren's photos nothing else compared. BUT - Ren and Caleb's talent and the quality of the product you get from Studio 29 is only part of the package. Once we MET the two of them, we were so impressed by how authentic and down to earth they are. This is not just a transaction for them; they genuinely love what they do and are interested in getting to know their couples & how to best capture their personalities on their wedding day. During our engagement session (which was the first time either of us had taken professional photos) Ren made us feel super comfortable and relaxed. By the time we got to the wedding day it felt like we were just hanging out with friends. Their relaxed demeanor & fun personalities made the day that much more memorable. Following the work of Studio 29 sets a high bar for expectations when it comes to your wedding day - and they FAR exceeded what we hoped for! The photos are the most incredible representation of one of the most magical days - I couldn't imagine working with anyone else!

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