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Episode 9 of the House Fur Happy Hour Podcast is LIVE!

In Episode 09 – The Goals, we talk about goals, goal setting, and success. Special thanks to Caleb’s nephew Gus, for that intro!

Listen in right here!

Goals are a way to measure your level of success and achievements — they give us focus, a guideline, and a sense of purpose. They also give us a point of reference to see our improvement and the help define what success looks like.

Without goals, your business is just operating instead of advancing.

For me, creating goals has always given me a solid purpose to work hard because I know I am working toward something and that continues to motivate and inspire me.

The best part of the episode is when we share our quick tips for how to set and work toward business and personal goals:

1) Allow for Wiggle Room Stay open to new insights and opportunities that become apparent as you work through your plan. Be OK with making changes to your plan or outline. Don’t make too many changes that you just fall off your plan completely, but be accepting with the fact that some cards may not fall as you wished and you may have to re-organize your thoughts and take action differently than you originally expected.

2) Define the Obstacles Identify the obstacles or limitations that might hold you back from achieving your goal, both externally and internally.

You could ask yourself,

“What needs to happen for me to achieve this goal?â€

“Why have I not achieved this goal already?â€

“Who do I need to become to reach this goal?â€

“What’s keeping me from starting?â€

3) Break it down into reasonable Steps: Do at least one thing every day that moves you toward your goal. Try not to always look at your goals from a birds eye view, because sometimes looking at the big picture can be overwhelming or seem too far away, but if you zoom-in and look at how you can break it down into day-to-day tasks it will seem a lot easier and then you can reward yourself for the small victories you are making along the way. Keeping things realistic also keeps you positive.

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