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10 Houseplants That Need (Almost) Zero Sunlight

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Hey there wannabe-houseplant-parent! Do you live in a dark home? Are you looking for Houseplants That Need (Almost) Zero Sunlight? You’re in the right spot, I am here to help with 10 of my favorite low-light houseplants for dark living-spaces.

They say that talking to your plants helps them to thrive. I would also argue that simply having some greenery around helps us to thrive as well! There is nothing that a little plant can’t brighten up: a dark office, a lonely corner, an ancient church. Plants simply breathe life into their surroundings.

Not only do they enhance indoor decor, there are numerous other benefits to having some indoor plants in your space. Plants are also scientifically proven to purify the air and get rid of chemicals and toxins inside, replacing them with pure oxygen. An abundance of greenery can also help to reduce stress levels and create a naturally inviting element in your home.

For those of us without a green thumb it can feel a little overwhelming to try and choose plants that we won’t accidentally kill. However, there are quite a few, happy little houseplants, that require very little care and almost zero sunlight.  There are so many varieties of plants that thrive on nearly zero sunlight, but my personal favorites are those that also require little care or have vibrant blossoms.

If you want to add some low light houseplants to your space that are sure to survive being ignored or left in a dark room click any of my favorites below:


Tropical Bromeliad

This plant is perfect for an office space because it can thrive under fluorescent lighting instead of sunshine. It is one of the easiest plants to care for that needs almost zero sunlight! Its tropical feel and bright pop of color make it perfect for making a boring space just a touch happier.

These plants:

  • can flower for up to six years
  • can be purchased in yellow, red, purple, orange or brown flowering varieties
  • will produce off shoots that can be repotted into pretty, new West Elm planters
  • need (alm
  • ost) zero sunlight


Spider Plant

I love this plant for how hardy it is with nearly zero sunlight. It can survive for years in indirect light and even live prosperously if it’s been lacking water for a while. In fact, during the winter months it needs very little water at all. This houseplant will thrive in fluorescent lighting as well.

These plants:

  • will produce tiny white flowers
  • offshoots look like baby spiders and can be repotted
  • are great indoor air cleaners
  • grow quickly
  • look great in hanging planters (I love these from Etsy)
  • need (almost) zero sunlight


Snake Plant

Beautifully green with variegated leaves, it’s sharp point gives this low-light house plant its nickname of mother-in-law’s tongue.

These plants:

  • need very little water
  • are very hard to kill
  • can grow up to several feet tall
  • need (almost) zero sunlight


The Areca Palm

Areca Palms are excellent air purifiers and also a humidifier for your indoor space.

These pants:

  • add a tropical feel to your home
  • is the easiest palm tree to grow indoors
  • can produce small, yellow flowers
  • need (almost) zero sunlight


Peace Lilly

Not really a lilly, this plant has a tall beautiful white flowers that flower throughout the year.  These grow pretty tall, and although they don’t require any natural light they will me more likely to produce flowers if they have some.

These plants:

  • look great in a floor planter because they can grow 40 inches tall
  • can wait until it looks droopy to water it
  • need (almost) zero sunlight


ZZ Plant

The ZZ is a great choice if you need to add some green that you are almost guaranteed to keep alive. This houseplant is nearly impossible to kill and is one of the hardiest choices.

These plants:

  • have pretty shiny leaves
  • is really resilient
  • survives with zero natural light



With a whole bunch of leaf color and shape choices these little beauties live nicely without any direct sunlight and add a perfect pop of color to your home.

These plants:

  • can easily be overwatered, be sure to let the soil dry between waterings
  • come in pinks, yellows, reds and various shades of green
  • need (almost) zero sunlight



Mint is typically grown outside, but this herb makes a fabulous house guest as it delivers its aroma throughout your space.

These plants:

  • can be harvested for teas, drinks and desserts. (Imagine fresh mint in your favorite tea cup!)
  • grow quickly
  • need to be kept moist
  • comes in many flavors like orange, pineapple and chocolate
  • need (almost) zero sunlight


Maiden Hair Fern

Unlike basic ferns this one has unique, soft and frilly leaves adding a delicate texture to your houseplant collection. You can buy a fern variety pack, here, and add many different styles to your home.

These plants:

  • are easy to grow
  • require little attention
  • do great in low light; need (almost) zero sunlight


Red Prayer Plant

This one is cool because at night the leaves fold, hence its name, like hands folded to pray.

These plants:

  • look great in hanging baskets because of the pink color on the underside of its leaves
  • tolerates low light well (but needs light for leaves to unfold)
  • prefers moist soil
  • need (almost) zero sunlight


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10 houseplants that need almost NO sunlight


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