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I know it’s only Wednesday, but it’s been a long and tiring week. It’s a crazy season of life that’s for sure!

I won’t get into it.

But, what I will do is share 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week. 


1) This morning’s yoga at Urban Om taught by the best yoga instructor in MKE, Kelsey Weaver.

I took the 9:30am class and it was focused on opening up our shoulders. We used a yoga strap during our practice to help our shoulders to open while are chest expanded and stretched. It was amazing for my torn rotator cuff – it felt so good! Here I am back at my computer typing away and I can already feel right away when I am letting my posture go to crap. Kelsey said that using the strap to help stretch and open up our shoulders is basically a free version of the posture correctors that are all over instagram – she is so right! 

I haven’t done yoga in probably 18+ months – I am so proud of myself for just going and doing it!

Psssst! Did you know that I took the photos for the Urban Om website & some on the Urban Om instagram?? Go check it out … and if you’re in Milwaukee go take a yoga class!

urban om Milwaukee yoga


2) 3 Colectivo coffee dates. Monday w/ Carrie, Tuesday w/ Nina, and Wednesday with Kelsey (after yoga). So much coffee and good conversation. I visited the East Side, Riverwest, and the Lake Front Colectivo locations all in one week. 


3) My new workout leggings – I’ve worked out every day this week so I needed a new pair in my rotation. I bought a pair of high-waisted leggings from Target by Joy Labs. 


4) The new hand-soap in the kitchen. We got new hand-soap from Caleb’s mom for Christmas and I am so in love. We have the Lavender + Sage one in our kitchen and I have a whole new appreciation for washing my hands.

I am a sucker for essential oils & germ killing produces and the Apothecary brand is the perfect marriage of just that!

Bonus! The glass bottle and pretty label are right up my alley for great aesthetics. Yep, I even choose my hand soap based on how it looks within my space. Our kitchen is modern & has black cabinets – so I love keeping everything in their monochromatic as well. 


5) My new leather jacket. Yep. I treated myself to a new jacket and it will be arriving soon. I can not wait. It is my first time shopping on ASOS so I’ll let you know my thoughts when it arrives. 

Goosecraft bottom zip detail biker jacket ASOS

Goosecraft bottom zip detail biker jacket | ASOS

6) Tom! Yesterday night, I watched his Netflix show from 2016 “Mostly Stories” this week. I’ve watched the newer ones and this one (like all his stuff) makes me laugh so hard. He’s my favorite – second to Jerry, of course! Andddddddd. I started listening to his podcast, 2 Bears 1 Cave that Tom does alongside Bert Kreischer. 

2 bears, one cave

Tom & Bert doing their podcast, 2 Bears 1 Cave

7) Bumble Bee tuna. I’ve been craving tuna fish since end of October and I’ve routinely been eating a tuna sandwich or just tuna directly from the can every week. I’ve tried every can of tuna that Pick n Save stocks and my favorite is Bumble Bee.

Ps: I don’t do Tuna Lite. It’s the real deal solid white albacore tuna or no deal. 


8) My new laptop! I get a new laptop every two – three years because the amount of weddings and sessions I do each year really takes a toll on my computers. I got and so far I love it.

For the nerds out there… what do you think about the new keyboard on the MacBook Pros?


9) Pedialyte. I’ve never had it until this week. I’ve had the worst case of DOMS from the crazy workouts I’ve been doing and I realized drinking this stuff makes me feel like Wonder Woman! I like the grape flavor flavor best.

I talked to a bunch of people and they said, “I can’t stand the stuff.” I am glad I didn’t listen to them. 

Other things I’ve been doing to help with the DOMS is stretch and massage my legs and rest. 


10) Caleb and I started watching Witcher. I can’t type that without humming the Jaskier’s bard song, “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher“. Have you started watching it? What do you think? We are on episode 7 of 8 and I like it now. I say “now” because honestly episode 1-3 had me exclaiming “what?” every few minutes and the accents took some time to understand what they were saying.

Witcher Netflix

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