November 8, 2018

14 – The Mastermind Retreat – House Fur Happy Hour


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A lot of our community was wondering what the heck I was doing in LA for the last few days. So in Episode 14 of House Fur Happy Hour we discuss what a mastermind retreat is and what I gained from attending.

I (luckily) was invited to join her year long Mastermind and with that comes the Phoenix Sisterhood Mastermind Retreats.

The Phoenix Sisterhood Mastermind Retreat was curated and lead by Jamie and she cultivated a safe space where the creative women in my mastermind could come together to share + receive support for their talents, fears, strengths, weaknesses, struggles, wins, and lingering questions as creative business owners.

Jamie’s efforts, hard work, and effort she put into our time together was exceptional! I am so thankful to have the support/guidance from Jamie and the other incredible gals I met IRL this weekend.

I cannot wait to fully unleash the full potential of “myself,” grow my business, and reach the business-life balance I truly desire.


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