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I started Studio 29 Photography in 2010 and since day one, I’ve never had issues with working all the time. I thought that since I basically just made up this dream career if I was ever caught not working I’d be seen as a slacker. And being lazy or being slacker or just stillness in general is basically my worst nightmare.

BUT a few months ago, I had a realization about how important it is to set boundaries and have expectations for myself and the business. It’s important to not let the business bleed into every single thing we do in our life.

And although we’ve never officially been completely burnt out – we’ve come eerily close.

So today’s episode is all about how to avoid burnout. How being a tad selfish to live your life and take care of yourself will better the people around you & make your work better and therefore your clients happier. It is all intermingled.

Even though this episode is from our perspective as creative entrepreneurs the core message and tips we cover are applicable for everyone.

I think the final take away is to love yourself as much as you love your job…. And that could be photography for me or even as unrelated as a stay at home mom.

For me, it was a struggle to understand and truly trust in the fact that our business will survive even if I don’t have a 24/7 watch on it. I used to literally wake up in the middle of the night to answer unanswered emails that I knew I had received at dinner. I used to download and edit photos within minutes after a session or wedding just to justify that I did a great job for the client. I now realize, thanks to the help of family, you, and my mentor that constantly working and thinking about Studio 29 was causing me stress and preventing me from truly being present.

Honestly, the first time I took away from work since 2010… and I mean really took time away…. Was our wedding in 2016. I put up the auto reply everywhere about us getting married and then going to Iceland for our honeymoon and that was that. I didn’t do anything work related until I returned.

Perhaps that is why Iceland is such a “sacred†place for me. I feel so safe and stress free and its just the most calm and beautiful place on earth for me. Perhaps that release of stress is what engrained those feelings in me. 6 years of non-stop work stress, finally building up and being released.

As a business owners all will encounter periods of stressful times. Burnout is a result of exhaustion + disappointment.

Burnout happens when you are working for too hard for too long without results 100% in-line with our expectations, but successful entrepreneurs will continue to be flexible with their expectations and give themselves the permission to rest.

Remember to be kind to yourself; remember to remove yourself from the work & take breaks every so often and if you can do that, burnout will not rear its ugly head.

Listen to Episode 15 for our tips & tricks for how we have made significant changes to our business (and our lives) in order to avoid burnout.

Things we mention:

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I hope you enjoy Episode 15 of House Fur Happy Hour Podcast!

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