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23 – No Cookies in the Break Room w/ Kaitlyn Luckow

March 17, 2019

Episode 23 of the House Fur Happy Hour Podcast “No Cookies in the Break Room – Conversations w/ Kaitlyn Luckow on Entrepreneurship” is now LIVE!


Listen to Episode 23 of House Fur Happy Hour


On this episode, we’re covering topics about life  as an entrepreneur and we invited our copywriter & content creator friend, Kaitlyn Luckow two join us for a cocktail and conversation.

As always, if you’d like your questions answered on the show, please email me at

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Some of our favorite books, podcasts, and tools that have helped grow our business
  • The greatest & not so great aspects of being an entrepreneur (no sugar coating)
  • Personality traits of ours that we attribute to our success as an entrepreneur
  • Ignoring judgement from others
  • Our “what we wished we would have known” when we started are businesses


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