January 30, 2018

4 Must-Have Modern Style Planters for Your Home


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The Fur

I love modern design. I love simple lines and solid colors. And, I am in-love with this round up of modern planters! This post contains affiliate links.

Basically everything in our home is white, black, gray, or wood with metal furnishings giving a nod to Modernism. I like only the bare necessities to be visible because I aim for each room to be balanced and welcoming without feeling cluttered. I specifically have selected pieces for our home that help add contrast and warmth to our bright gallery-like rooms with dark floors.

These West Elm planters are exactly the kind of pieces I would welcome with open arms into our home! These planters may be modern and minimal, but are compatible with any styling your home may have.

Shop these Must-Have Modern Style Planters

  1. Ceramic Wallscape Planters – These individual planters will transform greenery into works of art by mix and matching colors and sizes to create a unique gallery wall.
  2. Mid-Century Turned Leg Standing Planters – Solid – We have this one in our bedroom. We have a beautiful Swiss Cheese Plant in it and it looks amazing!!! Inspired by the clean silhouettes of the ’50s and ’60s, the Mid-Century Turned Leg Planters stand on tapered, solid pecan colored wood legs with a white glazed, ceramic bowl.
  3. Iris Planter + Chevron Stand – You can put your favorite plants on a pedestal with this planter and metal stand set. In a stone and cement composite material, the planter is lightweight and easy to move, while the powder-coated steel base adds dimension and shape. Let long tendrels hang over the edge for extra drama. Indoor/outdoor.
  4. Iris Planter + Chevron Stand – TripleWe have this one in our sunroom and LOVE it! Just as the previous planter, this one displays 3 of your favorite your favorite plants on a pedestal. We have an extra long succulent hanging for an airy & dramatic display. We love the powder-coated base because it matches the dark grout lines in our geometric ceramic tiled floor perfectly!

Do you have plants in your home? How do you display them?

modern planters for your home

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