4 Steps to Keep Your Xmas Tree Alive As Long As Possible


Doesn't part of the magic disappear as the x-mas tree starts to wither?

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Cozy winter evenings coupled with beautiful Christmas decorations and sprinkled with holiday excitement are something we treasure in our hearts every year. But doesn’t part of the magic disappear as the x-mas tree starts to wither?

“How Do I Keep Your Xmas Tree Alive Longer,” is the question I asked myself every single year!

‘Tis the season of giving, so I thought I’d give you, my dear friend, the gift of KNOWLEDGE–I’m sorry I didn’t wrap it! 😉

I’m giving you 4 tips on keeping your X-mas tree alive as long as possible! 

how to keep your christmas tree alive


Keep your Xmas tree alive longer and extend the holiday fun with these tips:

1. Cut the Trunk Base

Here is a toughie. But if you manage to do it, the tree is likely to last much longer. As you would cut the flower’s stem, try to remove about an inch of the Christmas tree’s base. By doing this, you are getting rid of dead cells and helping the trunk absorb water.

2. Keep it Watered and Well-Fed

Just like anything alive, your holiday tree won’t look beautiful if it’s hungry and dehydrated.

Place the base into a bucket of water for the duration of its stay in your home. Every couple of days, check the water level.

When you add water, you can also throw a tablespoon of sugar into the bucket.

3. Create a Humid Environment

The air in your home gets dry in the wintertime, which makes houseplants, Christmas trees, and your skin uncomfortable.

I recommend maintaining a humidity level of about 40% to keep your tree happy. To do that, you can get a humidifier and air out the room at least once a day. As a bonus, your skin will say, “thank you!”

4. Watch the Temperature

Your tree will feel much better if you make sure it’s not consistently bothered by temperature fluctuations and cold drafts. So try to keep it away from heating vents, windows, and doors.

This is an obvious one, but the tree should never be near an open fire. Simply said, don’t put it anywhere you wouldn’t feel comfortable yourself.

Voila! I hope you can take advantage of these 4 tips and keep your Xmas tree alive until St. Valentine’s Day. *wink wink*

Cheers! Hope your holidays are filled with magic!

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How to Keep your Christmas Tree Alive Longer

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