5 Houseplants That Love to Be Ignored & You Won’t Kill


Did you know that there are plenty of houseplants that don't need much attention?

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Did you know that there are plenty of houseplants that don’t need much attention?

Yep! Some houseplants only need to be watered every couple of weeks! They are the koalas of the houseplant world; they love their alone time.

But, don’t worry!

This does not mean that these solitary houseplants will get lonely or depressed; they are just more self-reliant than other houseplants.

koala gif

I’m here to let you in on a little secret, not all houseplants need that much attention and are easy to keep alive!

Because holy cow! Many of my readers tell me they have issues keeping their houseplants alive, and 75% of the time, it is due to killing them with kindness, AKA: overwatering. 

These 5 houseplants need little attention and only require water every few weeks, making them the perfect candidate for busy people or houseplant serial killers. You’re welcome!!

5 Houseplants That Love to Be Ignored

5 Houseplants That You Can Ignore & Not Kill


1) African Violets

African Violets appreciate a thorough watering once a week and otherwise prefer to be ignored. No misting or fussing required. They hate to get their leaves wet and will droop if overwatered. After purchase, leave them in their plastic pot, hidden inside a more decorative “keeper pot” for easy access.

You’ll want to remove the violet in its plastic pot once a week and set it upright in a shallow dish of water, letting it drink its fill for about ten minutes before putting it back. African violets are simple to care for, and they come in a wide range of shapes and vibrant colors!

African violet houseplant

2) Haworthia

Haworthia (AKA Zebra Cacti) is a family of succulents with striking leaves and very minimal requirements. They prefer sandy, well-drained soil and plenty of light. Being succulents, these plants store water in their leaves, which is why they tend to grow in such fascinating shapes and patterns.

Too much water can easily drown or cause root rot, so make sure to only water them lightly about once every two weeks. When choosing a pot for any succulent, make sure it has at least one hole in the bottom to let the excess water drain.

Haworthia species like bright sunlight, but not direct sunlight. If the leaves are turning crusty, white, or yellow, that may be a sign of too much or too strong of light.

I find that they do best in a room with a window facing east or west to provide bright light in the morning, a break in the afternoon, and then more light in the evening.

If you are still concerned with overwatering your houseplants, I wrote an entire blog post with some more information about it HERE. 

5 Houseplants That Love to Be Ignored


3) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera comes in a variety of shapes and patterns and can even be used medicinally. It’s a helpful little plant, and as another succulent, it shares the same care requirements as the Haworthia.

An occasional watering, but being cautious to not leave any moisture on the leaves and keeping close watch with the lighting so as not to burn the leaves will keep an aloe plant happy.

They will quickly let you know if you have been overwatering them by turning brown and mushy.

Aloe Vera houseplant

4) Air Plants

Air Plants, or Tillandsia, are fantastically unique because they don’t even require soil to grow!

They live on the branches of trees and hang from bare cliff faces in the wild. In the home, they’re often hung from decorative screens or kept in pretty seashells or bowls. In nature, they obtain all the moisture they need from the air, but since the humidity in a home tends to be far too low, they do need a good soak regularly to survive.

Most air plant varieties will also appreciate periodic misting. Still, the main thing is to soak the entire plant for about ten to twenty minutes once a week and then lay it upside-down (roots up) on a paper towel to ensure that no water is trapped inside the center of the plant. Once dry, the air plant can be returned to its display location.

I think air plants look amazing in wall planters or small quartz windowsill planters. These are both from Etsy and are pictured just below. 

air plant

Houseplant planters from Etsy.  I am currently really into matte white, geodes, and wall planters. 

planters for air plants


5) Jade Plant

Jade Plantslike most succulents*, belong on any list of beautiful and low-maintenance houseplants. Their thick, glossy leaves resemble pieces of jade, and they can grow quite a bit larger than the rest of the plants on this list, making them an attractive choice for any home or office.

Like the other succulents, Jade Plants only need good light and a well-drained pot to be happy. If you happen, water weekly forgets about it occasionally; this plant won’t hold a grudge.

We have our jade plant in our living room and one in our sunporch in a triple pedestal planter from West Elm.

*Succulent is the name given to any plant that stores water reserves in its leaves or stems.

jade plant 5 Houseplants That You Can Ignore & Not Kill

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5 Houseplants That You Can Ignore & Not Kill

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