5 Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking


Making sure that your website is listed at the top of relevant Google searches is vital to drawing online traffic that is high quality. When someone creates a generic Google search for the types of services you provide, narrowing it down by including your area, you want to make certain that your website will be listed as one of the first few links.

Trust me, I’ve been running photography business since 2010 and being “searchable” is one of the biggest components for having a fully booked photography schedule. And, the same goes for this blog – if my content isn’t searchable, it isn’t helping anyone!

These easy and free tips can help you to ensure that your business is located at the top of relevant organic searches by people whose business you’d gain from!


5 Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking


1. Ensure Your Website is Secure

Google trusts and promotes websites that are listed as secure. If you’re not certain if your website is or not, visit in a Chrome browser and check in the top left corner for the “Secure” icon. Your URL should also start with https:// rather than http://. If your website is not secure, you can purchase an SSL certificate to get it verified.


2. List Relevant Information

Create a space for information like your business’ address, name, and type of service or product, so that you can enhance the ability of Google searchers to find you. If your company shoots wedding photos and someone searches for, say, “wedding photographers Chicago”,  you want to make sure that Google will pull “Chicago” from your address and “wedding photographers” from the description of your company.


3. Enhance Loading Speed

If your website is underperforming in load speed, it may not be listed as high in Google searches. To check this, try visiting Pingdom. This service tests your site speed and offers solutions to increase your speed if your site is lagging.


4. Create Fresh Content

Google pushes websites with fresh content to the forefront of relevant searches. This comes in the form of blog entries, as they are a great and easy way to create posts every once in a while with topical information for your business. If you create a blog, make sure to upload a post once every two weeks or so. I try to post new content weekly on our blogs.


5. Link Internally and Externally

Within your blog posts or website pages, make sure you’re linking often to either external or internal links. External links may include links to sources if you’re providing a statistic, while internal links may point a blog post reader to a specific page of your website. These raise the way that Google ranks you on organic searches.


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Using these tips, you’ll find your website climbing higher and higher in organic Google searches and that you’re generating more high quality traffic. With a great website that’s fresh and secure, you should see a greater increase in business as well! Hard work pays off, friends!


5 tips to improve google ranking

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