6 (Virtually Un-Killable) Low Light Houseplants


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Do you kill every houseplant you touch? Well, let’s put an end to that!

I’ve rounded up 6 of my favorite houseplants that even the worst plant owner can’t kill! All you have to do is water it when the soil feels dry to the touch, rotate them every so often so that they get evenly lit, and trim back the plant if it starts to get leggy.

These plants will grow slowly in low-light conditions and are extremely easy to care for. Side note: most plants don’t actually LOVE low-light, they tolerate it. I want to put this out there because if you live in a darker home these plants will work for you. But, if you live in a home with plenty of light – you can also own these plants!

6 Virtually Un-Killable Low-Light Houseplants

  1. Bamboo Palm
  2. Peace Lily 
  3. Chinese Evergreen
  4. Spider Plant
  5. Snake Plant >> great for lovers of Mid Century Modern decor – Mad Men, anyone? These look especially MCM planted in a West Elm Mid Century Planters These plants will survive in low-light, but they actually are not classified as a low-light plant.
  6. Golden Pothos


easiest lowlight houseplants

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low light houseplants easy to care for houseplants

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