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6 Virtually Un-Killable Low Light Houseplants

January 19, 2019

6 Virtually Un-Killable Low Light Houseplants – You can’t kill these easy to care for, low-light houseplants!


Do you kill every houseplant you touch? Well, let’s put an end to that!

I’ve rounded-up 6 of my favorite houseplants that even the worst plant owner can’t kill!

All you have to do is water it when the soil feels dry to the touch, rotate them every-so-often so that they get evenly lit, and trim back the plant if it starts to get leggy. These plants will thrive in low-light conditions and are extremely easy to care for.


6 Virtually Un-Killable Low Light Houseplants


  1. Bamboo Palm
  2. Peace Lily 
  3. Chinese Evergreen
  4. Spider Plant
  5. Snake Plant >> great for lovers of Mid Century Modern decor – Mad Men, anyone? These look especially MCM planted in a West Elm Mid Century Planters. 
  6. Golden Pothos


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