I Found the Best Keyword Research Tool for Bloggers: RankIQ Review


I have tried countless keyword research tools, but RankIQ is the absolute easiest one to use!

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Hi hi! Today I am sharing content specifically for my fellow bloggers. If you are only here for my green thumb tips and doggy treat recipes, this post will probably bore you. But, if you are a lifestyle blogger or run an online business, this post will be beneficial for you! I am sharing a new app that has really helped me write the best content for my readers.

If you want to get more traffic from search engines like Google, you need great content that ranks high in their search results. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and effort, which means content marketing has been put on the back burner by many bloggers who are trying to juggle other responsibilities just like you.

Keyword research is important for bloggers. You want to make sure your keyword has a good search volume, low difficulty level, and high relevance, among other things, to increase blog traffic with keywords.

Rank IQ, an AI-powered SEO toolset for bloggers, solves these problems for all types of blogs so that even beginners can successfully rank their posts in Google with minimal effort or experience required!

I love RankIQ, and this is my honest review – I’ve included an affiliate link for this amazing software within this post. I hope you love it as much as I do! RankIQ has helped my blog rank for keywords in just a few months after using this software. I strongly believe that RankIQ has literally changed everything for my blog and my readers, and things will only continue to grow from here. I used to use ahrefs – which is still a great tool, but I love RankIQ right now.

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What is RankIQ?

It’s an AI-powered keyword research tool and writing assistant designed specifically for blogging that tells exactly what words or phrases to include in your post title and body text so they’ll rank higher than competitors’ posts about similar topics.

RankIQ is the best keyword research tool on the internet today!

How Does RankIQ Work?

We all know that SEO is a huge part of growing your blog or website. Rank IQ will solve this problem by telling you exactly what to write in your post title and body so you can rank higher than ever before. It also has pre-built blog posts with keywords on the side that check off as you use them, so writing becomes easy!

RankIQ keyword tool finds low competition keywords that are getting 10k+ searches per month on Google – perfect for new blogs or websites looking to build their audience. Trust me, this tool will change your life!! I have tried countless Keyword research tools in the past, but RankIQ is the absolute best and easiest to use.

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Why I Love RankIQ for My Keyword Research

Writing SEO-optimized content is hard. First, of course, you need to know how to write for search engines, but it’s also important that your content be engaging and high quality. It can take hours of research and writing to create one piece of optimized content!

My favorite aspect of RankIQ is the grading system for SEO keywords. Seeing a keyword phrase with an A++ and comparing it to another keyword phrase with a B- makes it so simple to update and improve my blog posts!

This is a huge time sink for bloggers who are already strapped for time. Rank IQ solves this problem by automatically generating the keywords you should use in your title, description, and post based on what works best with the Google algorithm. RankIQ has a library of over 3 million keyword ideas sorted by monthly search volume, so you’ll never run out of new topics again! In addition, it filters out only highly related results, so you aren’t sifting through thousands of meaningless results.

RankIQ is very streamlined + easy to navigate. The training video you watch before diving in is very helpful and easy to watch. Plus! there is a fantastic Facebook group for support. Brandon is a very responsive moderator in the Facebook group, and he answers personal emails promptly, too!

You can sign up for this incredible software HERE. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried it out!


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