September 20, 2017

Canine Companions: Elmo the Pug


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Elmo the Pug

Name:  Elmo
Breed:  Pug
Age:  10 Years Old.
Favorite Toy:  Anything that is furry and has a squeaky in it. Currently it’s a duck.
Favorite Napping Spot:  In the guest bedroom at home around 10 AM when the sunlight hits the carpet.
Do you sleep with Mom & Dad in the bed?  Only on the weekends (or when mom is out of town!). Otherwise no, as I snore too loud.
Favorite Treat:  Rawhide bones that dad calls my cigarettes. I also get to lick a spoon of peanut butter every morning.
Favorite activity:  Checking out all of the local street festivals in Chicago.
Biggest Quirk:  I can snore with my eyes open and I like to be where the action is.
Walk or Run?  I’m a short distance runner
Chase or be Chased?  I preferred to be chased, let the ladies come after me
Where did Mom & Dad rescue you from?  I was adopted by my parents in Iowa via the Pug Rescue Society of Nebraska. Prior to them I was living on a farm in Iowa with a lot of other pugs, life was great but i’m a city man.
Personal Story: One time I overindulged in caramel chews and had such bad diarrhea on grandma’s white rug that I nearly launched myself into a wall.

Elmo the Pug Elmo the Pug Elmo the Pug

P/C: Studio 29 Photography

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Quick Pug Facts:

Personality: Even-tempered, charming, mischievous and loving
Energy Level: Somewhat Active; Pugs are not exactly natural athletes, but they do have strong legs and endless curiosity—exercise both regularly
Shedding: Seasonal
Grooming: Occasional
Trainability: Responds Well
Height: 10-13 inches
Weight: 14-18 pounds
Life Expectancy: 13-15 years

You can read more about Pugs on the American Kennel Clubs website. 

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