September 26, 2017

Canine Companions: Rowsdower the Boston Terrier


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Name: Rowsdower
Breed: Boston Terrier
Age: 2 years
Favorite Toy: My favorite toy is a salamander made out of segments of fire hose material.  Well, it used to be a salamander, until I ripped all four of it’s legs off.  I guess my favorite toy is now a snake.
Favorite Napping Spot: Our house has quite a few good napping spots.  My favorite would have to be across the top of the back of the love seat that’s in the bay window, though I also love to lay in my puppy bed when the sun shines in from the side windows, too.
Do you sleep with Mom & Dad in the bed? When I sleep with my mom and dad in their bed, I’m usually the only one that gets any sleep.  I like to lay horizontally between them, and I really like to play this game where I see how far to the edge I can push dad without quite knocking him out of the bed.  But when mom is gone, dad lets me sleep in the bed with him.  That’s when I’ll curl up in a ball between his legs or put my head on his chest and snore in his ear.  Sometimes I might push my boundaries, but when I look up and see dad smiling when he’s listening to me snore, I know I still have him wrapped around my paw.
Favorite Treat: I consider myself a connoisseur of many treats.  I love vegetables, specifically cucumbers, carrots, and peppers, but I also love banana, berries, and popcorn.  My favorite non-human food treat has to be my Greenies.  They taste delicious, and they also keep my teeth clean and my breath fresh for the ladies I meet on walks or at day care.  As soon as dad gets home from work I sit under the kitchen table and wait patiently next to the door that they hide them behind.  I won’t move until I get what I want.
Favorite activity: Playing with my cousins Penelope, Mowgli, Eleanor, Stewart, and Chloe, even though Chloe has been petrified of me since the day mom and dad brought me to meet her.  I was only 8 weeks old, but she’s a crabby old chihuahua.
Biggest Quirk: I was discounted when mom and dad bought me because I have a lazy eye.  Mom and dad say it’s cute and makes me unique, I say it gives me the advantage of being able to see nearly all of my surroundings whenever I want to.
Walk or Run? The first time mom and dad tried to take me on a walk was the day after I came home with them.  I promptly laid down after we got to the house next door and refused to get back up until they carried me into the house.  I’ve come around, though, and I now really enjoy walks.  But if I’m with my cousins, I’m all about running.  Grandma Shelly has a sweet backyard, and I can run there for hours.
Chase or be Chased? Oh, chase me!  If you don’t chase me on your own, I’ll slam toys or anything else I can get my mouth on in order to get you to chase me, especially if you’re a dog that’s bigger than me.  I like a challenge.
Any other interesting facts/info you want to share? Most people don’t know what my name is or how my parents even came up with it, but if you’ve ever seen Mystery Science Theater 3000 you’d understand.  There’s this episode my parents love called The Final Sacrifice.  It’s probably the worst thing to ever come out of Canada, but the main character, Zap Rowsdower, kind of looks like a cross between a Boston Terrier and a makeup-less clown, so that’s where it came from.  Dad really wants to get me a denim jacket and fake mustache for Halloween, but he’s pretty sure that only he and mom would get that joke, too.
boston terrier boston terrier
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