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Do Queen Bees Have Stingers?

Do queen bees have stingers, and how they use them in the hive? Learn fascinating bee science facts that will…

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How Deep Do You Plant Dahlia Bulbs?

Discover how deep to plant your dahlia bulbs for the most beautiful blooms!

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Are Dahlias Perennials? A Comprehensive Guide

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Are Tea Bags Good for Compost? Comprehensive Guide

Did you know they're packed with nitrogen that enriches soil health and improves plant growth?

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The Best Tall Perennial Flowers For Your Home Garden

I've rounded up the best tall perennial flowers for your home garden!

8 months ago

Wisconsin Gardener’s Best Picks for Full Sun Perennials

Wisconsin's sunny gardens can flourish with the right selection of perennials.

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Drone vs Worker Bee: An Insider’s Guide to Hive Hierarchies

What is the difference between a drone and a worker bee? Drone bees and worker bees play unique roles in…

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How to Keep Carpenter Bees Away Naturally

Natural and eco-friendly tips on how to keep carpenter bees away from your property – so that you can enjoy…

8 months ago

Wildflower Honey vs. Clover Honey: What is the Difference

Discover the differences between wildflower honey vs clover honey. Learn about their origins, unique flavors, health benefits and uses in…

10 months ago