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Kenzo + Vík are my two furry doggies.

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

I'm having a hard time buying only a few things from my Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs.

10 months ago

Dog Mom’s Guide to Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Sharing my tips for keeping your carpets clean and free of pet hair and stains.

2 years ago

All About Akita Dogs: The Loyal, Intelligent Japanese Breed

Akitas are incredible dogs! Here is everything you've ever wanted to know about the Akita dog breed.

2 years ago

Human Foods That Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

What human food is safe for dogs to eat? And which ones should be avoided?

2 years ago

Bully Sticks for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Bully sticks!

2 years ago

13 Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies

The best dog toys for teething puppies are those that are soft, durable, and safe.

2 years ago

The Best USA-Made Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

Discover my favorite US-made limited-ingredient dog treats! Quality dog treats from Frankly, Stella & Chewy's, Blue Buffalo, and more.

3 years ago

Must-have Things In Preparation For A Pet Photoshoot

Let's get your dog picture perfect!

3 years ago

Stop Doing These 10 Things Your Dog Actually Hates

Avoid these ten things, and your relationship with your four-legged friend will be amazing!

3 years ago

Fear of Fluff: 6 Tips to Control Dog Hair in Your Home

It can be frustrating to have to constantly clean up after your furry friend, but there are ways that you…

3 years ago