Wisconsin Gardening

How Deep Do You Plant Dahlia Bulbs?

Discover how deep to plant your dahlia bulbs for the most beautiful blooms!

7 months ago

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Dahlias?

Discover if coffee grounds are good for Dahlias. Are you ready to gain specialized knowledge for caring for your lovely…

7 months ago

Are Dahlias Perennials? A Comprehensive Guide

Learn whether Dahlias are perennials or not and how to care for them season after season! Get expert advice to…

7 months ago

Can You Compost Pistachio Shells?

Explore whether pistachio shells can be safely added to your compost pile.

7 months ago

When Is The Best Time To Add Compost to Your Garden?

When is the best time to add compost to your garden? Fall or Spring?

7 months ago

The Best Tall Perennial Flowers For Your Home Garden

I've rounded up the best tall perennial flowers for your home garden!

8 months ago

Wisconsin Gardener’s Best Picks for Full Sun Perennials

Wisconsin's sunny gardens can flourish with the right selection of perennials.

8 months ago

Best Fast Growing Plants for Privacy

Discover the best fast growing plants for privacy in your garden, from evergreens to climbers, and create a lush living…

12 months ago

How Late Can You Plant Tulip Bulbs?

We will discuss the best time to plant tulip bulbs and some tips on how to get your garden ready…

1 year ago

Stinky Rain Barrel Water: Should You Be Worried?

What do you do if your rain barrel starts to smell?

1 year ago