May 10, 2019

The Number 1 Thing I Do w/ Leftover Coffee That Has Nothing to Do with Drinking It!


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My houseplants and I have something in common, we both love coffee! Coffee for houseplants? Yes! Coffee is an all natural fertilizer. 

Yep! I give coffee to our houseplants and they love it.

It’s number 1 thing I do with leftover coffee and it has NOTHING to do with drinking it!

Do you always have left over coffee sitting in the coffee maker? Are you like me who orders a grande iced coffee and somehow leaves it on my desk and then I find it and feel like I just wasted $6!?

Did you know you could use it as your watering your houseplants for extra nutrients?

Leftover coffee can be used as an organic fertilizer for your houseplants and I highly recommend it!

coffee is great fertilizer for houseplants

I started watering our houseplants with diluted left over coffee last year and some of our houseplants went from happy to absolutely thriving! 

I got the idea because we compost everything we possibly can because I juice every week and I was thinking about what the left over coffee and coffee grinds where contributing to our compost pile.

So, I did some research and found out that coffee grounds and coffee are a great source of nitrogen for soil. Nitrogen is important for houseplants because it helps them produce more leaves & stronger stems. Coffee is also contains calcium and magnesium which are also great for houseplants.

So, do you just pour the coffee directly into your houseplants? Nope! I dilute it. The mixture is probably 1/4 cup coffee to 2 cups water because coffee can be pretty acidic which can potential be dangerous for your houseplants.

Leftover coffee is the perfect natural fertilizer for your houseplants!

I water my plants with diluted coffee about once every 2 weeks and they all seem very happy when I do!

My Fiddle Leaf Fig has been growing lush new leaves like crazy since I started the coffee watering regiment.

Want more tips for fertilizing your houseplants? I wrote another article about fertilizers for purchase and how to use them.

Have you given your houseplants coffee? Did you notice a difference?

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coffee is great fertilizer for houseplants. our fiddle leaf fig loves coffee

My Fiddle Leaf Fig loves when I give it coffee

houseplants love coffee as a natural fertilizer

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