Fear of Fluff: 5 Tips to Control Dog Hair in Your Home


Some tips and tricks to keep your fuzzy friend's hair at bay.

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We all know our furballs are family, but their hair can get everywhere. From your clothes to furniture, to every crack and crevasse in your home, dog hair is hard to handle, but there are some tips and tricks to keep your fuzzy friend’s hair at bay. Below are my top tips to control pet hair in your home.

Brush Your Pup

Regular brushing is key to prevent hair from getting everywhere. Grooming your pooch yourself will not only keep loose strands from coming off in every room, but regular brushing is actually good for your dog’s coat, and most dogs really enjoy a good sprucing up. Not all brushes are created equal, however, so you need to do some research on your dog’s hair type to find the right brush to remove the fluff.

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Filter the Fur

Making sure you change your air filter monthly makes a big difference to fight the fur. Set a reminder on your phone and label your filter so you can keep track. You don’t have to spend a fortune on air filters, but it’s important to shop around to find quality filters. There are even some air filters that are made specifically for pet lovers. To help the air quality in our home we have several air purifiers. We have a LEVOIT Air Purifier in our kitchen, bedroom, spare bedroom, and in my office.

Shed on the Bed

Creating a cozy space for your pooch to relax may help in keeping fur in one place. Instead of having your pup jump from bed, to the couch, to a chair, create a place just for them to unwind. This will keep hair in one spot and make it easy for a quick cleanup. PetAmi waterproof dog blanket is great for protecting your bed and couch and collect dog hair. 

Pursue a Professional

Some dogs’ hair is extremely hard to manage, and that’s where a professional groomer comes in. Because they have the expertise to understand all dog hair types, they’ll know how to cut, manage, and brush to perfection. They also may offer some top tips specific to your pooch.

Roll it Up

The small but mighty hair and lint rollers work wonders on all types of surfaces. They are compact, friendly on the wallet, and do a terrific job to quickly dispose of unwanted hair. Keep one in your home and car to easily de-fuzz your furry friend’s fluff.

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