January 7, 2019

DIY Renovation Bucket List for January 2019


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I’m excited for some the new DIY RENnovation projects we have in mind for 2019. Looking at the feedback we received on one of my latest #lenhofslivehere instagram posts, you guys are very interested in the improvements we are making to our home. For those of you who are newer to the blog; Caleb and I bought an 1888 Victorian home in April of 2016. We have been making updates since the day we moved in. Since we are crazy-busy from April-December with weddings and other photography work, we do most of our updates during the winter.

Since we only have until April, I start creating some monthly to-do lists for us so we can accomplish as much as possible during our “slower” months.


DIY Renovation Bucket List: January 2019


  1. New matte black door knobs for the powder room, spare bathroom, all bedrooms, & gym. I love our matte black kitchen cabinets and light fixtures in the living room so I figured why not pepper some more black accents throughout the house.
  2. Adding an accent wall to the powder room. We were going to do Chasing Paper removable wall paper, but I decided I’m going to use that in the Studio 29 Photography studio as a backdrop wall.
  3. So, that is two accent walls to do – the powder room & the studio.
  4. Continue to convince Caleb to let me change the railing on the main staircase.
  5. Re-organize my home office (it is also the podcast recording studio & it is feeling a bit cramped)
  6. Change out West Elm for a new rugs for our bedroom and living room (Have you seen their new releases?? There are SO many pretty geometric ones!!!)
  7. Lay wooden tile flooring in the balcony off of our master bedroom.
  8. Try to figure out how to put in a fireplace. I have to investigate if the wall I want it in is load bearing.
  9. Obviously, add more houseplants. Looking at adding another Oxalis and perhaps another Peace Lily andddddd perhaps another Monstera.

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You can follow along with our renovations for our 1888 Victorian Home on Instagram with the hashtag #lenhofslivehere 

I am a proud affiliate of West Elm. This will not cost you anymore money, I will just receive a small percentage. Thank you for supporting House Fur.


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