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Dog Accessories That Won’t Sacrifice Your Style

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There’s no denying that our dogs need a few accessories and oftentimes they aren’t the most attractive. Thankfully, gone are the days of heinous leashes, ugly dog beds, and dog bowls with cheesy sayings.

These dog accessories are so good looking you won’t have to worry about keeping them hidden in the corner!

Enjoy my round-up of tastefully designed dog beds, bowls, leashes, and more!

Dog Accessories That Won’t Sacrifice Your Style

1) Mason Stoneware Pet Bowls

With its signature stone-smooth finish and artisanal good looks, plus a deeper dish for chowing down, it keeps your animals happy and fed without sacrificing your style.


2) Pendletonâ„¢ Glacier Pendleton Pet Bed

Give your furry family member a stylish and comfortable spot to rest. Bold stripes on the soft fleece and contrast cording make the plush Glacier Pendleton Pet Bed a stylish piece you can place in any room of the home.



3) Pendletonâ„¢ Acadia Kuddler Pet Bed

Give your furry family member a stylish and comfortable spot to rest. Bold stripes on the soft fleece and contrast cording make the plush Acadia Kuddler Pet Bed from Pendleton a stylish piece you can place in any room of the home. A cuddly design is perfect for smaller pets.


4) Harry Barker Rope Leash

Treat your pet to a new leash. Crafted from recycled water bottles, this colorful rope version is a durable and eco-conscious choice. Add the Vegan Waste Bag Dispenser (sold separately) to complete your walk-time look. Made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Composite leather trim. Features double-coated, nickel-plated steel hardware.


5) Cotton Rope Pet Toy Storage Basket

Pet Toy Basket: 12″ tall x 12″ wide. Keep your house organized and your dog’s toy neatly picked up with this stylish pet toy storage basket! The stylish and neutral colors will make it fit nicely anywhere in your house.


6) LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash 6 Ft Long x 3/4″ Wide

Have you been looking for a durable leather dog leash? Then your search is OVER! Leatherberg leather leash is made of top quality 100% real leather with strong double stitching and a metal rivet on each end. Our Leatherberg dog training leash will hold up all dog breeds.

7) btw Ceramics Torrent Dog Bowl

California-based housewares company btw Ceramics approaches each of their handmade porcelain pieces as its own creation, with inspiration drawn from torrential downpours and the mirages created by hazy desert sunsets. The Torrent Dog Bowl is available in two sizes and makes a trendy addition to your dog’s space in the house.

AND they make tableware and dishes in this line!


8) Nolan Entryway Bench & Wall Shelf Set

We have the Nolan Entryway Bench and Wall Shelf set and I truly love it! The shelf hooks are perfect for our light jackets, hats, and dog leashes. And the bench is great for storing the dog brushes, shampoo, poop bags, and treats.

Streamlined storage to display or hideaway, our Nolan storage collection features a sturdy, solid wood frame your choice of finish. Create a makeshift mudroom or carve out an ultra-functional entryway with this small space-friendly bench + wall shelf set.



9)Â Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Collection | Unique Squeaky Parody Plush Dog Toys

How stinking cute are these? I know they’re not exactly “stylish” but they are funny. You and your dog can be La Croix twinzies!


10) Cotton Rope Basket with Handle

Neutral Color Design: Professionally designed with unisex colors and style. This woven rope storage basket can be used in every room in the house.


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