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Easy Guide To Taking Incredible Interior Decor Photos: Tips from A Professional Photographer

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Whether you’re hoping to show your home off to friends, sell it, or simply share your style on Instagram, taking incredible interior photographs is a must.

As a professional photographer and home-decor-lover, I am excited to share my interior photography tips with you! Take a look and see what you can do! You might have absolutely amazing decor, but nobody will know about it if you can’t photograph it properly. In today’s post, you’ll learn a few easy ways to take incredible interior photographs.

My Easy Guide To Taking Incredible Interior Decor Photographs: Tips from A Professional!

Make The Most of Natural Light

Make sure you make the most of natural light when you’re trying to take amazing decor photographs. Remember that overcast days are better for shooting indoors, while sunny days are better for outdoor shots. You’ll definitely need to take the weather and time of day into account before you start snapping pictures. Artificial light nearly never looks good for decor pictures, so avoid it.


Keep Your Lines Straight

If you’re using a phone, then turn your grid on so you can keep your lines straight. You can take great pictures even on a smartphone, but many of the same rules apply as with digital photography.

Learn How To Edit Your Shots Stealthily

Being able to edit your shots well is important, so take a look at apps and anything else that can help you out. You may want to edit out small things like cables or light switches, and you may want to brighten it up to make it look cleaner. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard. You can figure out which platforms and apps to use here.


Stage Your Interiors Carefully

If you want this to be an authentic Instagram post, then you shouldn’t need to swap around all of your furniture to take a shot. However, a picture will always look better when you get out all the clutter like cords, cables, and mail.

Take Low Shots

One really important compositional consideration is how high the camera is off the ground. Taking pictures lower to the ground can be a great idea, and your pictures will likely turn out like those you see in magazines and on Pinterest.


Avoid Overly Wide Angle Lenses

Wide-angle lenses will make things close to the camera look bigger and those further away look smaller. It’s quite distorted and can seem unnatural to the person viewing it. Use a normal lens and step away from the subject so you can get as much as possible into the shot.


Turn Off Your Flash

Many basic cameras are getting better at low-light photographs, so there’s really no need to use a direct flash. A direct flash from a camera will not be able to light the room well, so it is best avoided. When I use my flash I bounce it off the walls or ceiling of the room so that it floods light evenly throughout the space.


Taking incredible interior photographs may take some practice, but with a little practice and the above tips, you should find that your interior photographs look amazing in no time at all. Of course, you may find better ways that work for you, and it may not be so important to stick to “rules” if this is for an Instagram account, for example. However, if these photos are for real estate purposes, you will need to portray the place as accurately as possible.

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