Gorgeous and Green Eco-Friendly Garden Ideas 


If you want an environmentally friendly garden that still looks beautiful, keep on reading!

Stunning curb appeal is an essential part of your home’s overall look. Blooming flower beds, trimmed hedges, and a well-manicured lawn is beautiful but not always the most sustainable landscaping option.

In fact, many lawns require excessive watering and treatments to maintain their pristine appearance, which can deplete natural resources and contribute to chemical runoff in groundwater, streams, and drinking water. A great solution to this is adding a garden to your yard!

You don’t need to sacrifice beauty for sustainability! You can create a custom landscape plan just for you that includes everything from plant selection to irrigation systems. If you want an environmentally friendly garden that still looks beautiful, keep on reading!

Do you want to create a garden that is environmentally friendly? We’re here to help! Today’s post is full of eco-friendly landscaping ideas that will help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home. From water conservation tips and tricks, to how to choose native plants, we have all the information you need right at your fingertips.


Gorgeous and Green Eco-Friendly Garden Ideas

Plant for Pollinators

Pollinators like bees and butterflies are essential for the local ecosystem and agriculture. Unfortunately, pollinator populations have fallen due to habitat loss, limited food resources, and common pesticides.

Pollinator gardens grow flowering plants like milkweed and coneflowers that provide food and shelter. Plant various pollinator-friendly plants to attract multiple pollinator species, and be sure to provide water and spaces to rest.

Consider Grass Alternatives

Grass lawns have been the staple of American landscaping for decades, but they’re not super sustainable. Many sod species aren’t native to North America and require regular watering to thrive. You also have to mow regularly, which consumes fossil fuels, and many families treat their lawn with chemicals to prevent weeds from growing.

Grass alternatives like clover and moss provide the beautiful greenery we love while keeping your yard soft and inviting. They also don’t grow excessively tall, so there’s no need for mowing and extensive maintenance. You’ll have to research what grass alternatives grow best in your climate and consider hardiness for homes with pets or kids.

Compost Your Yard Waste

Grass clippings and fallen leaves are great additions to your compost pile and can be reused in your garden or landscaping. This reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, protecting local waterways from harmful runoff.

If you’re not into composting, you can also leave your grass clippings on your lawn and enjoy the benefits of grasscycling. The clippings will settle into the soil within a few days and release valuable nutrients to help your lawn stay healthy.

Provide Wildlife Habitats

The National Wildlife Federation maintains a Certified Wildlife Habitat program to certify yards that benefit local ecosystems. All your garden needs are access to food, water, and shelter for local wildlife to qualify. Then you can register your yard and purchase a wildlife habitat sign that provides additional NWF perks throughout the year.

Choose Native Plants

Native plants grow best in your local climate, which means they won’t require much maintenance and watering. They’ll also benefit other local plants and wildlife, whereas non-native and invasive species can damage local ecosystems.

Native plant finders can help you explore local flora to plant in your garden and see what wildlife they benefit and attract.

Gardens can offer just as much function as they do beauty. Eco-friendly landscaping is the best of both worlds and requires less work on your part to stay happy and healthy. Here are some other ways you can grow a green garden at home.

Eco-Friendly Garden Ideas

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