4 Easy Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas


I am challenging myself to be more aware of the waste this holiday season.

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I’ve compiled 3 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas. Last year, I realized how much-wasted plastic and paper was just put in the garbage, so I am challenging myself to be more aware this holiday season.

The Holiday Season is upon us, and many people are scrambling to wrap all of their presents before the big day. While nothing compares to watching children (and adults) rip through the wrapping of their presents, the paper that we use on our gifts causes a lot of unnecessary waste.

An easy way to guarantee that you are wrapping your presents with the minimum amount of wrapping paper needed is to plan. Lay your presents out that you are planning to wrap and start with the biggest one first. Once the paper is cut for the largest present, you can use the leftovers to wrap the smaller presents in your pile.

If you are trying to fit a box into an existing piece of paper, try rotating it to a diagonal angle, which makes the paper stretch a little further. Sometimes awkward-shaped gifts are difficult to wrap, one of my favorite sites, Homes to Love, has some excellent tips for wrapping awkwardly shaped holiday gifts. eco-friendly holiday gift wrapping

In addition to not being wasteful with the amount of paper you are using to wrap gifts, you can also be eco-friendly. This year we are wrapping all of our gifts with recycled paper grocery bags. To spruce it up, I used Eco-Friendly Bakers Twine instead of plastic bows, and I attached a cute Jingle Bell that can be used as a decoration or ornament. The bells were a huge hit for all of my nieces and nephews.

4 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

1) Old Maps:

Recycling old maps you may have around your home is the perfect way to uniquely and environmentally friendly wrap a gift! This wrapping paper would be great for someone who loves to travel but would work for any gift you need to wrap and provide the same “feel” as ripping through the traditional wrapping paper. You could also mark places on the map if they have specific meaning for the recipient! Be sure to encourage the recipient to recycle the map after the package has been unwrapped.


2) Used Paper Bags:

You can use paper grocery bags to wrap presents. This option also gives the “feel” of ripping through traditional wrapping paper but is a little more environmentally friendly. You can also personalize the brown bags easily with a permanent marker, chalk pen, or splatter paint. We wrapped our gifts with twine and a holiday bell that can be repurposed as an ornament.


3) Scarf:

The options are endless if you want to use a scarf to wrap your gift because there are so many prints, patterns, and sizes available! If the person you have the gift for is always on-trend, you could wrap their gift in a blanket scarf. If the person tends to like more vintage items, you could search antique stores for the perfect vintage scarf. If the person loves the outdoors, a traditional knit scarf is perfect!


4) Use Biodegradable Wrapping Paper:

You wouldn’t believe the amount of adorable & affordable biodegradable wrapping paper options that Etsy sellers are offering!

As always, be sure to recycle the leftover paper at the end of the day regardless of the method you choose!

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eco-friendly holiday gift wrapping

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