September 24, 2018

Episode 08 – The Marriage – House Fur Happy Hour


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The Fur

Episode 8 of the House Fur Happy Hour Podcast is LIVE!

In Episode 08 – The Marriage, we talk about what it means to be married coworkers AND sometimes married to our work.

Listen in right here!

Caleb and I have found ways to work alongside each other and still have a fulfilling and happy marriage and I am happy to share our thoughts about it today.

Work itself can lead to stress in a relationship, and when you’re in a relationship and in a work relationship you’d think the stress would be unbearable. But for us, it is not.

We are not relationship experts by any means, but in today’s episode we are sharing the 6 Key Components to how we make our marriage-relationship + work-relationship work.

Near the end of the episode we take a personality test to see if it provided any insight into why we work so well together!

Albeit our longest episode yet, tune in to learn 6 Key Components that have helped us have a great work-relationship & romantic-relationship … and, of course, so random laughter and the song of the week!

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