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Episode 10 of the House Fur Happy Hour Podcast is LIVE! We talk about how to find, use, and manipulate light when you’re taking photos! And for those without a traditional camera,  we are sharing 3 tips for taking better iPhone photos!

After photographing several weddings Caleb and I have kinda a 6th sense for knowing and anticipating not only the split-second moments of our couples but also the lighting we may encounter throughout the wedding day. We love experimenting and manipulating the light that is given to us in any situation to make our photos beautiful and interesting. It is honestly, just the way our brains work; we are programed to always be analyzing & appreciating light!

I am so excited for you to listen to this episode because I share my favorite “type” of lighting and how I use light to enhance the textures, patterns, background, and even emotion within my photos.

Listen in right here!

A popular buzz-term in the industry you may hear or see is; “natural light photographer†and this means to primarily use the natural available light.

Sometimes working with natural light and finding interesting shadows or glows is just about being at the right place at the right time. Being very perceptive about what is happening around you is important for finding the best light.

Caleb and I wanted to share our techniques for using light; and we discuss the terms and phenomenas behind it. We discuss  ambient light, dappled light, diffused lighting, back lighting, white balance, how to bounce or reflect light, how to use and play with shadows, experiment with light painting & lens flares, and how to create beautiful dynamic bokeh within your images.

And! If you stay until the end; at ~43 minutes we discuss 3 tips for taking better photos with your iPhone or Smart Phone . . .

  1. Intentional Lighting: When you’re inside, position your subject near a window. iPhones perform better when the light is directly at the subject.
  2. Less is More: Check the scene for any distracting elements. Move closer, or change your viewpoint, in order to remove unwanted objects from your photo. A busy scene makes it hard to create an appealing composition and can be incredibly distracting.
  3. Use the Rule Of Thirds:  Although shots can look great with their subject dead center, you can usually make your shots look better, more dynamic if you apply the Rule of Thirds. If you go into your Settings > Photos & Camera, you can apply the grid to your screen. I use a grid in Lightroom to help me compose interesting shots in my post processing in LR. I use those lines as a guide to position my subjects, as well as making sure my horizontals are level.

Andddd …. if you stay until the very very end, you’ll find out what Vík stole from our camera bag.

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I really hope you enjoy today’s episode – we are excited to share it with you!


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  • Back Lighting


types of lighting for natural light photography


  • Side Directional Lighting – Notice the beautiful bokeh created by the lighting coming through the trees in the background



  • The green leaves with the water droplets that I spoke about; Beautiful Bokeh

capturing bokeh in natural light


  • Diffused – Natural Overcast Lighting 



Using Shadows + Ambient Light (exposing for the highlights)


Natural Window Light with Warm Ambient Light Behind Her


  • Dragging The Shutter – Light Painting 


Lens Flare – Inside + Outside

lens flare technique lens flare inside

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