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Caleb and I just finished photographing our third double-header wedding weekend in a row! We’ve had 13 straight days of weddings or sessions and boy, oh boy, we are tired!

But, I can assure you, Episode 11 is still listen-worthy!

We answer a slew of questions all related to photography. We put out an AMA to our community for a “crowdsourced” style interview, and I am SO happy with how it turned out! Wanna hear the answers first hand?? Listen Here!

We are excited to drop this episode because it opened the doors for more questions to be submitted. We plan to do more topic specific episode in the future with the help of our listeners!


1) How has blogging your sessions helped grow your business?

  • SEO (Related: Tips for Google Ranking)
  • Sharing our latest work
  • Getting back links
  • Sharing images with other vendors
  • Giving an up-to-date portfolio of our work
  • Shows variety
  • Helps show clients – great for consults! (Can give a preview of a typical wedding day at a certain venue, so if you’ve photographed somewhere before you can become a resource to talk about that specific venue and have credibility that you are able to deliver beautiful images.)


2) Among the gear/things that you own for your business, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought?

We don’t have many things that we “regret” purchasing but we do have some insight one thing we DO think you should invest in: quality lenses. We do wish we had more time to use our drone & pixel stick during weddings/sessions.


3) What are some inexpensive ways to market my photography business?

There are many ways to market your business, this includes:

  • Participate in wedding shows
  • Traditional print ads campaigns
  • Website and search engine optimization
  • Referrals from venues, vendors and clients;
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc);
  • Word of mouth (reviews from past clients, etc.)

Depending on your resources and your natural strengths, you might want to tackle a combination of the above to see what works.

Things to keep in mind before putting money into advertising:

How do brides in your area search for photographers? What other vendors are listing their services on that site – is it over saturated? What is the amount of traffic you will be targeting by paid advertising. Once you have gain some insights then you can come up with a strategy.

We have been successful in finding clients either on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Each platform has its pros and cons. Social media can be time consuming, so it can be helpful to use planning programs such as Tailwind for Pinterest and Later for instagram. It helps save time and share posts at the ideal times. I think it is better to nurture your audience on one platform, as opposed to be all over the place and be mediocre everywhere.

No matter where you decide to market your business always include:

  1. Clearly state what you do
  2. Why are you the best in what you do
  3. Why should potential clients trust you
  4. How do they contact (hire) you


4) What do you think about watermarking your photography work?

Our opinion is that anyone who wants to steal, will find a way to steal. Watermarks near the edges can be easily cropped out & watermarks in the middle ruin the aesthetics of the images, so we just choose not to use them.

We have seen spammy sites take our images, but our philosophy is that if we are not suffering monetary loss or brand disparagement it is more harmful for us to worry about it than take any action legal or otherwise.

Luckily, modernization of watermarks has evolved into “tagging.†It is important to educate your clients ( or those you share your images with) on how you would like to be credited. In our Print Release we include how our images may be used, printer, shared, and how credit should be given when images are shared on social media or used by other industry professionals.


5) What was the last book you read? Was it related to photography?

Caleb: Traction by Gino Wickman

Ren:Seducing Strangers by Josh Weltman with a foreword by Jon Hamm of Mad Men


6) After all your years of experience in this industry, what are the important things amateur photographers should focus on?

– mastering your craft – – really finding your ideal client, your style, and defining your mission

– having great communication with clients (more on this topic in Episode 7 – The Client Experience)

– networking with peers in the industry

– being up to date on trends within the industry

– building your brand

– being active on social media


As always – our House Fur Happy Hour Songs of the week for our Spotify playlist have been added . . .


We would LOVE to know what questions, problems or struggles you may have when it comes to photography, entrepreneurship, being married to your business partner, branding, blogging . . . practically anything!

Please share your thoughts in the review section on iTunes or in the comments below. That will help us get to know you better & create episodes that will help YOU!

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