Episode 12 – The Television Shows (That Keep Us Sane During Our Busiest Seasons)


Episode 12 was sparked by a question we received on Instagram about how we stay organized in our business and how do we manage a healthy work to life balance.

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Honestly, the real answer is we are still working on the life-work balance.

So, today we share some of our favorite television shows that help us reserve some much needed downtime together that forces us to rest.

Our extremely chaotic and busy schedule (thankfully) is only seasonal so we reserve the “us time” and the activities we love doing for when we have a lull in the amount of sessions and weddings we are doing. During our busy seasons (summer and fall) when we are go-go-go we dedicate our evenings to enjoying a quiet unplugged dinner together and then unwind on the couch catching up on Netflix and Amazon Prime shows.

In today’s episode we give our synopsis and personal views about Man in the High Castle, True Detective, and The Good Place. We also touch on The Americans, 30 Rock + Parks & Recreation, and The Knick.

**At 30 minute marker we take a quick break because at the 32 minute marker Caleb give away some Season 1 SPOILERS of The Good Place. I know that knowing the details of a plot twist could undoubtedly ruin a show for some people, so I just wanted to give a heads up. So, I’d advise hitting the fast forward button about 4 times if you don’t want to hear it.

The Russian spies we couldn’t remember the name of; Julius & Ethel Rosenburg was indeed correct. Read about it here on Wiki.

This episode is pretty funny because we spend about the first 15 minutes discussing what makes a great burger.
And then . . . at the end we spend a few minutes going into depth about finding work-life balance and how I stay organized with the Studio 29 Photography business.

Things I touch on about staying organized in my business include: having a solid workflow, having a primary time sensitive do-to list, and a long form to-do list. I use Evernote, FantastiCal, a regular notepad, and a Monthly-Weekly Planner. Nothing flashy, just as simple and minimal as possible. I also color code my to do list so that I can keep track of what tasks are in what stage of completion. I feel like my workflow would be very helpful for photographers to learn, so I now do offer mentor sessions. I can meet you in-person if you are local to the Midwest or I can do it over Zoom or Skype.

Anyways, I think this episode is light and airy compared to some recent episodes that we’ve done that were very content heavy. As always, we are so thankful for you listening today and would love any feedback or positive comments that you could share on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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House Fur Happy Hour Spotify Playlist with this week’s added songs: She don’t Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips + Blood in the Cut by K.Flay


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