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In Episode 13 of House Fur Happy Hour we talk about first impressions. More specifically we talk about how to present yourself to potential clients during your first interactions together. We touch on our personal tips from our consults, body language, micro expressions, and finding common ground – that imitates small talk.

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Our goal of our first in-person meeting is to letting the client know we are easy to communicate with. And to ensure them that we will be a stress free element of their wedding day and just be a solution to their wedding photography needs, not an added problem.

Every client has a specific problem they are looking to solve; ours at it’s simplest form, is couples looking for a wedding photographer.

I like to put myself in the couples head and figure out what their emotional attachment they have to “their problem.”

By knowing the emotional aspects of what the problem is can help me define and showcase my services better. I put myself in their shoes and thought about what would keep them up at night (about their search for their photographer.)

Clients just want you to be able to solve their problems. The most important thing that can happen at your first meeting is that your client walks away feeling like you’ve totally got this and that they’ve made the right decision in choosing your services.

We reference; a book called Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People by Vanessa Van Edwards. And an article on FashionMag.com.

I hope you enjoy Episode 13 of House Fur Happy Hour Podcast, it might be one of my favorites so far!

I included an affiliate link for the book by Vanessa Edwards.

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