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We want to start by thank you all for being here with us & I hope you all had an amazing end to 2018 and welcomed the new year with smiles, positivity, and excitement for 2019. Caleb and I released another podcast episode yesterday. It was a recap of 2018 and we wanted to highlight some of our favorite moments – and then about 1/2 way through the episode I felt the need to drop a major truth bomb in hopes that it would perhaps help others understand that mental health is just as important has physical health. And, that by asking for help does not make you a weak person.

The last few years have been tremendous for my self-development and learning to practice self-compassion. I learned to have compassion for myself, just as I have for other people. Self-compassion has been the word I am using to summarize 2018. Nearly every day has been different for me since I realized that by having self-compassion, I am far less likely to depend on others to validate my self-worth.

And over the last few months with the help of the incredible women in my mastermind, various podcasts, friends, family, books, my doctor. I am just so very thankful for everyone and everything in my life right now. For those who may be suffering; I wanted to let you know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


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We ended 2018 feeling extremely grateful, proud, happy, and energized. Caleb and I recap some of the highlights from 2018 and talk in-depth about my most proudest accomplishments both for myself and the businesses.

What about you?


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