Episode 18 – The Importance of Gratitude


In Episode 18 of the House Fur Happy Hour Podcast, Caleb and I talk about the importance of showing gratitude to those who have influenced our life for the better, helped us succeed and/or grow (this could be personally or professionally.)

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Why is there resistance to share who has helped you throughout your life?

Why is there resistance to giving gratitude and thanks?

I am not sure why people think that by giving credit to those that have helped them succeed or uplevel their life or business in anyway… somehow takes away from their success? That’s not the case at all.

When something good happens to me that someone helped me with I am always so excited to tell everyone about it. I don’t try to sugarcoat it and make it seem like I am just everything I am because I just was born that way or success just fell out of the sky into my lap.

I think there is bravery in revealing that you aren’t perfect from the get-go. I think it is important to remember where you were, where you came from, and how much you’ve grown. I think it’s important to reflect on that and never forget to thank those around you that played a part in that growth.

If you want to be successful and happy, you can’t just sit in the sludge of negativity, envy, and jealousy of others. That is not helping anyone and that is definitely not going to help you! We all have bad days and you’re allowed to have bad days but you can’t stay there. When you nurture negativity you stay there, when you nurture positivity you will grow.

You can not enable yourself to be a victim to excuses why you don’t have what others have the happiness or success they have obtained.

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