Episode 19: The Potential Growth from Rejection


No one wants anyone to reject them when they desperately wanted that person to accept them, receive them, and include them. Nobody enjoys the feeling of wanting something so badly that doesn€™t want us back.

And yet, rejection is something that we have all experienced and will experience in the future. Rejection is just part of the human experience. It begins in our childhood when we get laughed at or picked on when we’re not accepted by a particular group of people when we’re not invited to sit at a specific lunch table. When we’re not invited to go to a party or a social event, rejection will continue throughout our lives, not just in middle or high school.

It is a lifelong battle.

We all know people (maybe it’s yourself) who have faced rejection because of their skin color, the way they look, their religion, or the culture that they come from. Maybe it’s that you are not tall enough, not pretty enough. You are not smart enough. You are not young enough. You don’t carry yourself the right way. You don’t have enough money.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the rationale is; the fact remains that we all, in some way or another, have been rejected by others.

I feel like sometimes rejection can feel like bullying, and as an adult, it becomes way more complicated than not being able to sit at a certain table at lunch. Sometimes the rejection can be life-altering and completely drain you of your self-confidence.

Sometimes I am at fault, and other times, it’s just a difference in views and perspectives. Sometimes this leads to us starting to talk behind others backs or make up excuses, which isn’t good for us and it certainly isn€™t good for that person. However, it may seem €œtherapeutic€ at the time. In the long run, you’re wasting energy.

You are focusing on the negative when you should just let it go, drop it, move on, and focus on yourself. Like we said in Episode 18, When you nurture negativity, you stay there; when you nurture positivity, you will grow.€ YOU have to go on living and doing our best with what we have.

Rejection is going to happen. You can’t control it and you can’t meditate on it. You need to understand that it is part of life and it doesn’t need to control you and your ambitions or hold you down. By having a strong, faithful support system of friends & family, you can undoubtedly live a happy and successful life.


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