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Fail Proof No-Kill Peace Lily Problem Solver

The Fur & Houseplants

Houseplants need love and light, here is my advice for keeping your Peace Lily blooming!

“What’s wrong with my Peace Lily? She isn’t blooming and she looks so sad!” I gave her some advice and within a few weeks her Peace Lily is thriving, blooming, and overall, a very happy houseplant!

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel like it’s taking forever to get your Peace Lily to bloom? Are you worried that you might kill it before it even has a chance to boom? Maybe you’re beginning to wonder if you really have what it takes to keep a houseplant alive.

Today, I’m talking sharing my fail-proof plan to NOT kill your Peace Lily houseplant!


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Problem: My Peace Lily isn’t blooming.
Cause: Not enough light.
Solution: Move it into a well-lit area or purchase a plant light. We have ours in our sunporch in front of a south facing window. We supplement it’s light with a plant light during the winter when there is are fewer hours of daylight. Be sure to set a timer (no more that 4 hours at a time) to avoid burning on the foliage.

Problem: Plant appears droopy & soil is dry & crumbly.
Cause: Not enough watering.
Solution: Water plant thoroughly & give it a nice pep talk!

Problem: Pale or “burnt” looking foliage.
Cause: Too much direct sunlight.
Solution: Move plant out of direct sunlight.

Problem: The plant collapses or looks incredibly droopy with moist soil.
Cause: Overwatering & not enough soil drainage.
Solution: Empty the saucer beneath the pot and let the soil drain. Remove plant from pot, add gravel to bottom of planter, add perlite to soil.


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