Hard Work Pays Off

The past 2 weeks have been so crazy + amazing! I’ve accomplished so much!
I’ve consistently been booking sessions with new amazing clients, I sent off 4 wedding contracts for 2019, and received so many exciting inquiries with new opportunities for growth + new photography endeavors!
I am a firm believer in the phrase, “you only get out, what your put in.†I think we can all apply this to so many aspects of our life; work, relationships (friends, family, intimate) and even things like dog training and self-care. Taking the time to do something the best you can will yield the best possible outcome of any situation.
I’ve visited (for business + pleasure) Illinois, Virginia, Kentucky, and Colorado.
I’ve spent less time on social media and more time having quality conversations with those in front of me.
I’ve been taking an advanced food photography course and a influencer marketing course every Tuesday.
I’ve been preparing my lesson plan for the Rad Photographer’s Retreat. I am speaking tomorrow morning about how to get your work Published + How to Use Instagram to Market You & Your Business. You can read more about me on the Rad Retreat’s Blog. I am so excited to share my knowledge on the process and pros about getting your work published. I am also excited to share my knowledge about using instagram to market my business, share my brand, and inspire others. I can’t wait to share my tips on working with the algorithm, not against it and how to gain a consistent group of followers that want to open conversation and engage with your content!
I’ve been working alongside Mk Social & Floral Alchemy on our upcoming Floral Workshop! ON April 28th we will be hosting our first workshop in the Studio 29 Photography studio space! After a long, dark winter, it’s time to harness your inner naturalist, this spring! Learn to bring nature’s seasonal splendor indoors for its calming beauty and arresting design with a luxe collection of American grown blooms, expertly guided by local design firm, Floral Alchemy, and artistically infused by your own hand. Walk away with the tools to cultivate loose and romantic designs with ingredients from your own backyard! Will I see you there?
The Spring Ice Hockey session started! I had my first game last night and we won 3-3 in a shoot-out! I had some pretty awesome blocker saves!
I’ve been consistent with my goal to do at least 100 squats a day – – I even did a couple at a restaurant earlier this week! LOL
Looking at my calendar now I am happy to say that I have consultations + sessions booked until the middle of May. We are photographing a wedding this weekend and my friend Jess, from Plays Well With Butter, is coming into town to visit me! We have a styled shoot planned and some other business-related projects in the works!
I stay motivated and busy because I am so passionate about my work and I know that hard work DOES pay OFF! I also drink way to much coffee.
What have you accomplished lately that made you proud of yourself? What are you excited for in the upcoming weeks?

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