My Favorite Houseplants, Tools, Fertilizers and Planters

Welcome to my “Plant Shop,” where I’ve curated a delightful collection of my favorite plants, essential tools, nourishing houseplant fertilizers, and more.

matte black watering can

Matte Black Watering Can

It works great for getting water onto the aerial roots in my moss poles and it is great for my wall planters. It also is so pretty!
calathea stromanthe triostar

Calathea Stromanthe Triostar

As a member of the prayer plant family along with marantas and calatheas, your triostar stromanthe will naturally fold up its leaves at night, showing off their striking pink undersides.
close up leaves of Begonia Maculata

Begonia Maculata

The Begonia Maculata loves bright, indirect light, but can also survive in slighter lower light situations.
hand holding Monstera adansonii plant

Monstera Adansonii

The Monstera adansonii vine produces beautiful green foliage with leaf holes that resemble Swiss Cheese.
beautiful pink and red zinnia flowers

Zinnia Seeds

Zinnias are just as beautiful as Dahlias!
Philodendron silver sword plant

Philodendron Silver Sword

This houseplant is so beautiful! It is semi-rare and has silver, almost metallic-looking foliage.
philodendron white knight

Philodendron White Knight

This beautiful variety offers variegated heart-shaped leaves with maroon toned petioles and stems.
Lattice-Shaped Plant Support Trellis

Cube Plant Trellis

metal houseplant trellis

Indoor Plant Trellis

green houseplant mister

Ebristar Glass Plant Mister

This vintage-looking plant mister is perfect for watering small houseplants!
tetrasperma rhaphidophora

Tetrasperma Rhaphidophora

I am obsessed with my Tetrasperma Rhaphidophora!
Pilea Peperomioide Chinese money plant

Pilea Peperomioides / Chinese Money Plant

I like to call this my lily pad plant 🙂
Variegated Philodendron Birkin

Variegated Philodendron Birkin

Such a beautiful, but thirsty, plant!

Pink Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema "Valentine" is so pretty!!

White Ceramic Hanging Planter

We have a few of these in our home.

Variegated Ficus Elastica Tineke

Croton (Codiaeum variegatum ‘Petra’)

Commonly as Joseph's Coat because of the vivid colors.
Syngonium Podophyllum Pink

Syngonium Podophyllum Pink

This pink climbing or binning Syngonium is everything!
Red Prayer Plant

Red Prayer Plant

Red Prayer Plant "Herringbone Plant" - Maranta Leuconeura Erythroneura
nerve plant

Nerve Plant

I love my nerve plant so much!

Wood Indoor Planter

Frizzle Sizzle Plant

This plant reminds me of a crazy straw.

Aeonium Arboreum

We got ours as a wedding gift 6 years ago.
Jade Plant

Jade Plant – Crassula Ovata

I have a few of these - my oldest is 8 yrs.
wall planters

Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Wallscape Planters

I have pothos planted in ours.

Watermelon Peperomia

I love the patterns on the leaves.

Victorian Parlor Palm

We have ours in our living room.
variegated princess Hoya

Hoya Carnosa “Krimson Queen”

Meyer Lemon Tree

What a beauty!

Mid-Century Turned Wood Planters

I have 5 of these!
Ficus Elastica Tineke Ruby

Ficus Elastica Tineke Ruby

I love her bright coral and pink leaves!

Burgundy Rubber Tree

Bold and black - I love this plant!

Philodendron Hope Selloum

We have 3 of these at my photography studio! I love them so much!

Grand Nain Dwarf Banana Tree

My mom got us this plant after Caleb and I got engaged!
umbrella plant in pot

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

They like bright to low-light and plenty of water.

Monstera Deliciosa “Swiss Cheese”

I love Monstera plants so much!

Tradescantia ‘Nanouk’

Perfect for a hanging planter near a window with bright light.
fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus lyrata: Fiddle leaf figs prefer lots of bright, filtered light
peace lily

Peace Lily

Grows in low light and blooms year-round.

Bird Of Paradise

Water regularly and place in a well-lit room; does best when receiving bright filtered light.

Snake Plant

One of the top air-purifying plants identified by NASA.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

While the heartleaf prefers indirect sunlight, it will do well in almost any lighting condition. Even areas of low light.
Live Neon Pothos Aka Epipremnum Pinnatum

Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos can survive in a variety of light conditions lots of indirect to very low light.

String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus like strong natural light for a few hours a day and then indirect light for the rest of the day.

Tricolor Prayer Plant Stromanthe Triostar

Triostar Stromanthe love bright, but indirect light!
haus plant light

Haus Bright Plant Light

Perfect for my houseplants during the winter months.
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