Vejo Portable Blender Honest Review (w/ Coupon Code)


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Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken a hard look at your diet and realized you need more greens, vitamins, and quality nutrients. About three months ago, I was raising my hand.

As you all know, I am a smoothie fanatic. I drink 2-3 a day! I love blended anything – soups, salsas, etc. I love tasty meals that I can devour quickly and I love it when they are jam-packed with protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats.

Vejo’s recent launch has the best of both worlds: It comes with a personal-size portable blender, specifically made for their eco-friendly nutrient-packed pods!

This small appliance is a total game-changer for my on-the-go lifestyle! The Vejo blender is a rechargeable smart device that uses a camera and blue-tooth technology to connect to the mobile app that allows me to track my pod consumption and easily manage my membership.

I was gifted the Vejo blender and a sampling of pods and I am excited to share my full review with you today.

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Vejo Portable Blender Honest Review

Initial thoughts:

When I was first contacted about this product I was intrigued by the name. Vejo is derived from the Latin Vejovis or Vejove, the Roman god of Healing, and is pronounced “VAY-oh.” The brand’s mission statement: Vejo means providing the fuel that one needs to be at their peak health and performance. All good things, right? Right.

 I was gifted their bestseller starter kit: 

  • 1 Vejo + 8 Blends (2 Banana Almond, 2 Piña Greens, 2 Clean Greens, 2 Pacific Northwest Tart Berry)
  • Value $130.00

When it first arrived I was blown away with the sleek packaging. The white boxes and cardstock printables were extremely well designed and informative. The boxes were so pretty I actually kept them and plan to use them for holiday gift boxes.

The Vejo blender looks like a small, sleek water bottle. I love the material it is made out of, soft yet easy to hold on to. On the top, there is a black dot LED light that lights up during use and charging.

After loving the design of the product so much I was really looking forward to using it!

Vejo portable blender

Walk-Through and My Experience Using the Vejo Blender

Day 1:

As soon as I finished opening the blender I followed the instructions carefully because I was excited to try the Clean Greens blend.

You need to charge your device before your first blend and be sure to only add liquid only to the fill line in the blender, 7.5 oz.

To activate the blender: pop in your pod (label side down) after removing the top label. Give the lid a good hard turn until you hear it click. I consider myself to be a strong woman, but I did have issues getting the blender to click easily.

I think I will be able to get it to turn more easily as I use it more. This product is well built, so I am glad that it needs a little “elbow grease”!

I did have a little residue left in the pod that I swiped with my finger and added to the drink blend. The flavor isn’t overpowering, but it’s not great. My advice, chug it very fast. lol

After sipping my juice I cleaned the blender right away. The blender came with the perfect brush that makes it insanely easy to clean. I really liked that about this blender because we all know clean-up can be a real pain in the rear with some blenders!

For disposal, the Vejo pods are 100% biodegradable and on and their website, it says they will soon be water-soluble as well.

Vejo clean greens blend

Day 2:

For my second day, I tried the Tart Berry blend. This limited edition farm-to-pod blend is an excellent source of vitamin C and naturally occurring enzymes. I really liked this one too! Caleb tried it as well and enjoyed it.

I accidentally put the pod upside down. Argh. It was ok, though! I was able to salvage the pod and still enjoy my juice.

I used to have a Keurig and you put the K-Cups in the machine label up, so I was used to doing that. I would love if there were arrows printed on the pods so that I could remember which way it goes as I am running out the door or making my drinks when I am in between my photo sessions … or for those mornings before I’ve had my coffee and my brain isn’t working.

Day 3:

I nailed it! I put it in the right way! Cheers to me!

I had the Tart Berry blend because I loved it so much! I drank this around 2:00pm after mowing the lawn. I was so hot and dehydrated – and I knew this was the perfect blend for a quick recovery.

I didn’t use the cold water from the fridge – rookie mistake to just use room temperature tap water. I will say, the blend was not as tasty as it was the previous day. You really need to remember to use the coldest water possible or pour it over ice if you are drinking it at home.

Day 4:

I am shocked that I still haven’t had to recharge it! After, my morning coffee, I tried the Banana Almond blend! Oh my gosh – they aren’t kidding – this is truly liquid banana bread!

I used cold 1% Fairlife Milk and it was amazing! At only 100 calories I was able to get in 1.5 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of protein! That is a quality blend! I really loved it! So far, this might be my favorite blend yet!

Day 5:

I tried the Pina Greens. I like this one!! It is a good source of vitamin C and folate. Ingredients: Organic Mango, Organic Pineapple, Organic Banana, Organic Spinach. I really enjoyed this unique pairing of ingredients. It tasted exactly like the Naked juices from the grocery store. Since I was drinking this at home, I poured it over ice when I was finished.


Final Thoughts w/ Ratings

  • I like the variety of blends they offer and I am excited to try more! I think the variety pack is a great way to try a few and decide which ones you like best before buying one specific blend in bulk. 10/10 for a variety of blends
  • The battery life is amazing. I wish my other electronics would last this long! 10/10 for battery life
  • think the price of the blender is fair. I will pay for quality and I think this is a well-made device. I think the price of the pods is a little steep, at $2.50 per pod to $4 per pod, the costs can add up. 6/10 for price.
  • The colors of the blenders are fun! I was gifted the Orange one. It is bright and perfect for summer. I usually gravitate towards black and white products, but it was fun to add a little color to my life. 10/10 for color options and aesthetic design
  • The app is clever but kinda gimmicky. I honestly haven’t been paying much attention to it because don’t really find value in tracking my intake. I do think the ability to reorder your pods directly from the app and see the battery life of the blender is extremely helpful! 7/10
  • Blending function is great, but the dry blend sometimes doesn’t leave the pod so you have to go through the cycle twice.
  • It is incredible that all I have to do is twist and wait 30 seconds for a fresh nutritious drink. I am a lifestyle photographer and usually have sessions back-to-back so the Vejo is a great companion to have during my workday both for my blended drinks and then just as a small water bottle. 10/10 for convenience
  • As I said above, I would love a little arrow icon reminding which way it goes into the device and a little easier to click into place. Perhaps my specific device is just harder than most. I also wish it came in a 12oz or 14oz, that way after blending, I could have a bigger water bottle with me. Improvements needed.
  • Easy to clean! Literally, takes seconds! I am very impressed! 10/10 for cleaning
  • I never have to feel bad about using my blender because Vejo is an all-in-one solution: a blender, a bottle, and a drinking cup, designed to be used over and over again. Vejo pods are made from corn and other biodegradable, renewable components. And soon, they’ll be water-soluble. How cool is that?? 10/10 for sustainability

Thanks for reading till the end! I hope this was helpful! For more information be sure to follow Vejo on Instagram! And, if you aren’t already, please follow me as well… @House_Fur.

Don’t forget, with the purchase of a starter kit, my readers can receive an 8-pack of blends for FREE with the code HOUSEFUR8PACK. All you have to do is add a starter kit and 8 pack of their choice to your cart and the code will work!


Vejo Portable Pod-based Blender

Vejo Blender review

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