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We just released Episode 7 of the House Fur Happy Hour Podcast!

It deserves a listen simply because it has the cutest intro EVER, thanks so my 2 1/2 year old niece, Sophie.

“Customer experience” is one of the biggest buzzwords in business these days and we are sharing our top tips that we implement with our clients.

During Episode 07 of House Fur Happy Hour, we cover a range of topics all relating to giving your clients the best experience and how it correlates to running a profitable & well recognized business.

This episode is perfect for anyone who has been having trouble connecting with their clients on a personal level, making an impact in others lives, or for anyone who wants to hear potential ways to organically reach more of their ideal clients.

At an early age, Caleb and I both learned the importance of empathy, patience and consistency. And, we have always strived to apply those same values to every interaction we have with our clients today. One of the mission statements for Studio 29 has always been to recognize our clients as our friends not just a client.

In today’s episode we break down the difference (and importance) of Customer Service & Customer Experience.






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