10 Houseplants That Would Love to Go Outside During the Summer


These 10 houseplants can live outside this summer!

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Summer is on the way, and plants are the perfect way to decorate outside. Some houseplants will do great outdoors for the summer and can be used to spruce up your porch, deck, patio, or other entertainment spaces. These 10 houseplants are staples of a plant parent’s collection and can be safely moved outside for summer.

Here are 10 of the best houseplants for summer. Whether you want to decorate your porch, deck, patio or any other entertaining spaces these plants will do great outside and make a big impression on all who walk by!

Can All Houseplants Go Outside in Summer?

Not all, but many. Houseplants that do well in full direct sunlight and warm temperatures will thrive outdoors. Be careful putting plants that like full, but indirect sunlight because they will burn easily in direct sunlight.

No matter what type of plant it is though, you will need to properly acclimate your houseplants to being outdoors during the summer and stick to your normal care routine. you may need to water more frequently because it will be getting more sunlight and potentially growing at a much faster rate.

10 Houseplants That Would Love to Go Outside During the Summer

1) Ponytail Palms (Beaucarnea recurvata)

The ponytail palm can be grown outdoors in indirect or direct sunlight and prefers to have its soil totally dry up between waterings. Moving this plant outdoors should be done in phases, as it can shock the plant to go from indoors to direct heat. Once outside, this plant will love soaking up the sun of the summer. Buy Your Ponytail Palm HERE

ponytail palm
Photo: Esty Seller

2) Croton (Codiaeum variegatum ‘Petra)

Croton plants love sunlight! Croton plants develop their best colors when grown in bright light. It will need to be watered deeply every week, but you may need to increase watering if you notice any wilting. Buy Your Croton HERE

croton plant
Photo: Etsy Seller

3) Snake Plant (Dracaena trifasciata)

The hardy snake plant can take on any level of sunlight. They only need watering when the first inch of soil has completely dried out, which may be once a week or less. Snake plants are renowned for their tolerance to changes in light and water; as long as you’re checking in on it, this houseplant will do just fine in an outdoor space. Buy Your Snake Plant HERE

snake plant houseplant care

4) Common Geranium (Pelargonium)

Outdoor common geraniums need to get six to eight hours of direct light to thrive. They should be watered whenever their soil is dry; outdoors, this could be anywhere from once a week to daily. Monthly fertilizer is also key to keeping them happy. When outside, they look gorgeous grouped together in hanging or box planters. Buy Your Geranium HERE

Photo: Etsy Seller

5) Amaryllis belladonna

Amaryllis loves the outdoors. When moving them outside, they should be slowly acclimated to their new home. Once this is done, they’ll thrive in the summer warmth. These plants need to be kept moist, and greatly appreciate soil with compost materials. Mulch will also help them preserve their moisture when outside. Buy Your Amaryllis HERE

Photo: Etsy Seller

6) Cinnamon Ferns (Osmundastrum cinnamomeum)

These tall ferns natively grow in swamps and mountains in the Eastern U.S. and Canada.When kept in moist soil, cinnamon ferns can handle the sunlight of summer. Compost soils can help them retain their moisture to prevent constant watering. Kept properly outside, these plants can grow up to four feet and provide some nice shade to your patio space.  Buy Your Cinnamon Fern HERE

cinnamon fern
Photo: Amazon Seller

7) Miniature Citrus Trees: Lime Tree, Calamondin Orange Tree, and Lemon Trees

Dwarf or miniature citrus trees can handle the heat with ease and will add a wonderful touch outdoors. These plants need a lot of watering and at least six hours of direct sun. Spaces with little wind will be ideal.

Buy Your Own Lime Tree | Buy Your Own Calamondin Orange Tree | Buy Your Own Lemon Tree

citrus plants

8) Gardenia Plants (Gardenia jasminoides)

While finicky, the Gardenia can be outdoors in summer if cared for properly. Soil should always be damp but not soggy and will need any dead buds removed during the year. This shrub loves acidic soils, fertilizers, and mulch.

These sturdy houseplants can take on the sunlight of summer and can add some well-needed shade to your outdoor spaces. To liven up your porches and give your plants some sun, feel free to take these varieties outdoors.

Photo: Etsy Seller

9) Fairy Castle Cactus (Acanthocereus Tetragonus)

Succulents are one of the hardiest plants. They are drought tolerant and are easy to reproduce. Make sure to provide a sunny environment so they will thrive. Also, make sure to plant them in draining soil. Succulents require little watering but do not let them sit in wet soil. To prevent this leave drought periods between waterings or simply touch the soil with your finger (if it feels dry add a little bit of water if it feels wet do not add water until dry).

fairy cactus
Photo: Etsy Seller

10) Dwarf Banana Tree (Musa acuminata)

Dwarf Banana Trees prefer full sun for 4-6 hours per day so they will do very well outdoors in the summer. It will need a lot more water when it is outdoors vs being indoors.

Photo: Etsy Seller

Start your summer season with these ten outdoor houseplants that will do great in the heat and rain. These plants can be used to spruce up a porch, deck, patio, or other entertainment space during this time of year! Which ones are you going to put outside this summer?

10 Houseplants That Would Love to Go Outside During the Summer

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