How To Propagate a Rubber Tree


Have the houseplant jungle of your dreams by learning to propagate!

Hey plant parents- it’s time for another reminder that yes, you can easily have more plants in your home, whether you have room for them or not! So scoot that giant Monster Deliciosa over and make room for some new plant babies because propagating your Rubber Tree is as easy as 1-2-3.

It’s easier than you think to grow your houseplant collection into the jungle of your dreams by learning to propagate your houseplants! Just gather your materials to get started.

Rubber trees are gorgeous and relatively easy to care for! They come in multiple varieties – pictured below.

A) Burgandy Rubber B) Variegated Rubber Tree C) Ruby Rubber Tree

Here’s what you’ll need for propagating your Rubber Tree:

*Remember when I told you I like to propagate my houseplants with the water method because it’s more fun to watch the roots form? Well, this time, we’re going to propagate directly into the soil because Rubber Trees are happier that way.

Burgandy Rubber Tree (Buy Yours HERE)

3 Easy steps to propagate your Rubber Tree

1. Choose your stem and make a cut.

  • Pick a healthy-looking stem with lots of leaves and use your shears to cut about halfway up this stem.
  • Cut at a slight angle, just above a leaf.
  • You’ll want your cutting to be about 6 inches long, and include about three leaves.
  • Remove the bottom leaves (extra leaves) from the cutting by just snipping them off with your shears.

2. Pot your cutting

  • Here is where you’ll dip your cutting into the rooting hormone if you want to, and then place it carefully into your pot filled with dampened soil.

3. Show your plant baby some love

  • Cover your newly potted Rubber Tree with that large Ziploc bag and seal the bag about 90% of the way, leaving a small opening for airflow.
  • Be sure his leaves don’t touch the plastic too much and then set the pot, Ziploc bag and all, into a sunny location.
  • Keep the soil moist and the pot warm.
  • Rubber trees will properly root in about a month, and you should begin to see new leaf growth pretty quickly.

The more you love your Rubber Tree, the more it will love you back. Did you know that houseplants are proven to increase your happiness? So, happy planting friends!

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