I’m A Guest on The Shift Show Podcast!


I loved being interviewed on this podcast!

What would you do if your entire industry was shut down practically overnight and all your clients canceled? This is exactly what happened to me and my photography business in March.

My business coach and host of The Shift Show Podcast, Nicole Culver asks her audience, “If this happened to you, what would be your game plan?” She continues, “There’s so much uncertainty right now, it’s important as an entrepreneur you remember that business is about service, right? If you can serve, you can sell.

Ren lost almost 90% of her weddings for the year in March. I was inspired by not only how she took action, but how she took action from a place of service. She didn’t worry about herself. She worried about how she could use her gifts to serve her community at a crazy time, where people needed support and to be uplifted.

This action leads to a pivot in her business that has increased her income, reduced her travel time, and increased the number of people that want to work with her!

Ren Lenhof is the owner of Studio 29 Photography and House Fur. If you have been feeling like this year has flipped your business upside down you’re going to want to listen to this interview.”

In Episode 286: Shifting, Adapting, and Finding Your Niche in Current Times you will hear:

  • How to make shifts in your business to do more of what you love
  • Tricks to making adaptations to serve your clients and keep them coming
  • The importance of building relationships and taking care of your clients
  • Why niching down will help you find the perfect audience

Go here to listen on iTunes! Or, in your browser.

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