February 1, 2018

Healthy & Delicious Instant Pot “Chicken Pot Pie”


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I’ve been quite sick for the past 3 weeks and Caleb has been a champ and taking care of dinner for us every evening. Last night he made an amazing dish for us and I loved it! If you know me, you know I love Chicken Pot Pie and I order it any time I see it on a menu so this was an amazing treat for me and is the perfect meal for curing the winter blues.

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We love our instant pot and Caleb has been experimenting and coming up with some amazing meals for us.

Caleb’s Chicken Pot Pie was delicious, low sodium, low fat, and full of veggies. You can make this recipe gluten free by opting out of the biscuit on-top.


Instant Pot “Chicken Pot Pie” Recipe



1 White Onion

4 Stalks Celery

2 Potatoes (We used (1) red and (1) yellow)

1lb Carrots

1lb Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs

2 Cups Chicken Stock

2 Tbsp Poultry Seasoning

Pilsbury Biscuits


Chop onion, celery, potatoes, and carrots.

Add chopped vegetables, seasoning, and chicken to Instant Pot.

Pour stock over everything.

Cover and set on high pressure for 10 minutes. While Instant Pot is cooking, make biscuits per package instructions.

Allow pressure to release naturally for 5-10 minutes.

Release pressure and stir everything in the pot. (Chicken will fall apart on its own while you stir.)

Serve in a bowl or deep plate directly on the biscuits or break biscuits apart and set on top.

Makes about 6-8 servings.


The starch from the potatoes should be enough to thicken the dish, but feel free to add a little cream and flour if you prefer a thicker consistency.

Looking for another healthy & easy Instant Pot Recipe? Try Caleb’s Instant Pot Chicken Chili. 



healthy gluten free chicken pot pie instant pot recipe healthy instant pot chicken pot pie recipe

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  1. justagirlandherpug

    February 1st, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    Yum this looks so good!! Perfect winter time food.

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