I Had The Best French Toast Ever in Phoenix


On our second day of vacation we decided to take a set of complimentary beach cruiser bicycles to breakfast. (say that 3 times fast, LOL)

Guys, the bike ride was 100% worth it because I had the best french toast I’ve ever had!

I had the best French toast ever in Phoenix Arizona at Matt’s Big Breakfast

If I’m gonna eat French toast for breakfast, it’s gotta be the real thing.

It needs to be soft, fluffy white bread, lots of cinnamon and vanilla. Bonus points for including good salty butter and pure maple syrup!

Mike’s Big Breakfast hit everything on that list deeming it, the best French toast I have ever had. 

I don’t know what they did but it had a crisp caramelization on the outside of the French toast, but it was so pillowy and soft on the inside. It was total breakfast game-changer for me, I finished my entire plate. Leftovers are my MO. 

If you’re ever in Arizona, I highly recommend checking out Matt’s Big Breakfast!

Don’t just take my word for it, Guy Fieri featured this breakfast joint on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

Our full order consisted of:

  • 1 Hot Coffee
  • 1 Iced Coffee
  • The Five Spot: Breakfast sandwich on a roll with two eggs, two slices of thick-cut bacon, American cheese and grilled onions.
  • Side of Hashbrowns
  • The Special of the Day: French Toast w/ Apple Chicken Sausage
  • Side of Macaroni Salad

I really loved everything, but I loved the French Toast the most! The Macaroni Salad was superb, too! And, I know that was a weird choice for a side for breakfast, but since it is made in-house I just had to try it!

So much YUM!!! Scroll for some photos from our vacation and a quick video of our bike ride around the Arizona Biltmore. 

matt's big breakfast phoenix arizona

matts big breakfast arizona



matt's big breakfast phoenix arizonaBiltmore arizona

Biltmore arizona

Biltmore arizona


What are your favorite places to get breakfast in Phoenix Arizona?

While we were there we also went to Snooze and The Adobe Restaurant

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