Middle of May Updates

I know we are only halfway through the month of May and it may seem a little early for an “update†or “recap†but so much has happened and I have so much excitement I cannot wait another 20 days to spill the beans.
  1. Kenzo turned 5 on May 4th. Yep, he is our Star Wars doggy! “May the Fourth be With You† We had our 3rd wedding of the Studio 29 2019 Wedding Season, on the 4th, so we celebrated his 5th Birthday on May 5th. Stay tuned for adorable photos.
  1. We photographed our 3rd wedding of the 2019 Studio 29 Photography wedding season. Congrats to Kate & Mike!
  1. At the end of April, I released the Studio 29 Signature Preset Packs. Available now, as a set of two: One Color + One Black & White. I have gotten incredible feedback from customers and I cannot wait to see more images popping up in my feed with my preset.
  1. I spoke on an expert panel (coordinated by Bird & Bumble + hosted at Birch) & shared a few nuggets about SEO and how I got +105k page views for the House Fur blog in just 16 weeks after applying my tips.
Yes, these are the exact tips I am sharing in my newest ebook.  (See next bullet point).
Speaking on the panel was so good for me because it was so hard. It is extremely uncomfortable for me to stand up for myself in general scenarios so, standing up in front of people and sharing is a whole new level of uncomfortable. But, I am so proud of myself for doing it. I am so proud of myself for leaving the house & getting myself out in front of people. I am so proud of myself for proving to MYSELF that I am capable, smart, and have lots to share with other entrepreneurs. After the event a handful of women approached me and thanked me for my time and for sharing my knowledge with them. The next morning (& even a few days after)I received several text messages and DMs on instagram full of extremely supportive messages thanking me for speaking and launching my ebook.
  1. And, last but not least, I am currently on a plane flying to New York City. Caleb and I are spending a few days together in the Big Apple for a mini-vacation before my 3 Day Phoenix Sisterhood Mastermind Retreat.
Some of you may be asking,”Ren, What is a mastermind?â€
 A mastermind defined by me is an intimate subscription to a support group of other entrepreneurs with diverse experience, expertise, and backgrounds. Mine is truly a sisterhood and I am so thankful to have the means & the courage to join the Phoenix Sisterhood, led by Jamie Jensen. If you scour the internet, you will find a bunch of definitions and I encourage you to do so.
Im looking forward to this mini-vacation & mastermind retreat for so many reasons!
The tentative to-do list for the mini-vacation portion of our trip, Caleb and I want to:
  • Stand at 1st & 1st (Seinfeld, duh)
  • Eat all the dumplings at Vanessa’s Dumpling House 
  • Stroll Central Park (specifically revisit the area where Vanilla Sky is filmed, shameless plug for one of my favorite movies)
  • Have a moment of silence at the One World Trade Center
  • Eat a Black & White Cookie
  • Eat Pizza
  • Laugh uncontrollably at a stand-up comedy show
The to-do list for the retreat portion of the trip, I want to:
  • Gain more confidence in myself – when I am confident in myself everything good comes in abundance.
  • Improve my online copy marketing skills.
  • Be more transparent online, and with that I specifically mean in my vlog posts. I want to be confident in sharing not only my knowledge, but also more of myself, my insecurities, my past, my dreams, my struggles, and whatever else I am currently going through. I want to be more than just a textbook, I want to be human.



Alright, that is about it. It is a bit bumpy and I would like to take a quick power nap. We are sitting in the last row of the airplane by choice, because this region of the plane had an incredibly friendly flight attendant. Thank you, Southwest.
Have an amazing weekend!

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