My First Facial w/ Dermaplane Experience – This Week’s Highlights


The last several days have been quite eventful. I did many things that I normally do and a lot of things would ordinarily be out of my comfort zone. I am proud of myself for enduring new and stressful situations despite my fear and anxiety.

  • I sat in front of ~40 people and talked about how I use Instagram to market my Studio 29 Photographybusiness & why I started my lifestyle blog, House Fur. Married in Milwaukee put on a entrepreneur happy hour at the Journeyman Kimpton Hotel in the 3rd Ward this week and I was selected to speak on the panel with 3 other local business owners. I am so honored I was able to be brave and speak about something I am so passionate about.
  • For the MIM event, I got my makeup professionally done for the first time – Thanks Melody Sopa Artistry! I looked so awesome! My smokey eyes were on point! I got so many compliments and I felt so incredible and strong! I went to Melody to get my makeup done so that I would look great sitting amongst the other panelist. Having my makeup not only made me look great, but I felt my confidence level rise when I texted photos of myself to my closest family & friends before the event. I wore my favorite camouflage sweatshirt, charcoal jeans, and my black converse – the perfect make-up was just the icing on the cake that helped me feel 100%!
  • I’ve been working with Vík since he was just a baby on the command, “place.” I use it often for posing him for photos, getting in the car, getting on the exam table to vet appointments, and as a first step when I am introducing new tricks. The newest trick I taught him is to retrieve his own ice cubes from the ice maker on the refrigerator. It is super adorable, as long as Caleb and I remember to keep the refrigerator dial set to “Ice” and not “Water.” I love it because he was always begging for ice cubes (he loves chasing them and eating them) and now he can help himself. I promise to catch it on video and share it soon.
  • I had my first facial, lip collagen mask, and non-surgical facelift w/ dermaplane with, thanks again, Melody Sopa Artistry. I cannot put into words just how amazing this experience was. I walked out feeling like a brand new woman. Not only was my entire body completely relaxed but my face has never felt better. I’ve struggled with dry skin my entire life. As a child through High School I was made fun of frequently because of my flaking skin. Sometimes it was so bad it would burn and scab. As an adult it was just part of my daily routine to re-apply face lotion no less than 3-4 times a day, but after my facial my face has felt and looked completely different. It is so much healthier and I only applied lotion once in the AM!! I am telling you, if you want to feel and look a million times better, schedule an appointment with Melody. She will honestly change your life. After my appointment with her I purchased the Lumiére Facial Cleanser, Skin Toner/Normalizer, Vitamin C Face Lotion, De-Aging SPF, Skin Perfecting Serum, and Intense Hydrating Night Cream. I also purchased a Liquid Pout Plumper lipgloss & sweet Melody let me try the Motives Fiber Lash Mascara. I am obsessed with both products! These are linked to Melody’s website, so if you order and have any questions she can contact you directly for help!
  • I got to meet my friends 4 month old Great Dane pup, Henry! Henry is such a sweet heart and I am so happy my friend Dallas joined the double-dog-owning club! I’ll be doing a full blog post on my experience once I’ve used the products for a week – so stay tuned. Also! If you have any questions about my experience feel free to ask!! I would love to answer every and any questions!
  • I’ve been been starting each day with a glass of StÅk Cold Brew Coffee. I loved the packaging when I first saw it at Target and literally, I am hooked. I love that it does not taste acidic or bitter and I do not even need to add cream. I bought the “Not So Sweet” version with the orange label. It is sweetened with real cane sugar and has 45 Calories & 95 mgs of caffeine in 8 ounces.
  • I learned how to properly pronounce my favorite location in Iceland: Jökulsárlón. Jökulsárlón (pictured above) is the largest glacial lake in southeastern Iceland and is located outside of my favorite city in Iceland, Vík. (Do you see the reasoning for Vík’s name now?) 
  • I finished painting the trim in the sunroom and then started re-doing the staircase & the bay windows in the foyer. We are getting closer and closer to being ready to photograph our home for West Elm! I snapped some photos of my progress in the House Fur insta-stories.
  • We finally got one of our photographs printed, framed, and hung in our home! We ordered a photo from Artifacts Uprising of the Sólheimasandur DC-3 Plane wreck. On our first (of 3 trips) to Iceland, we got up at sunrise and walked 5k both ways to visit this plane wreck. It was pretty underwhelming, but I am glad we did it. We were lucky enough to go at a time where we were all alone for about 45 minutes before another tourist came into sight.
  • I got a “mermaid purple shadow root” & touched up my platinum blonde hair, thank you Jordan of Impressions Salon. I am loving the purple so much – I wish it never had to fade away!
  • One of my recent Studio 29 engagement sessions from this winter was featured on Aisle Perfect. Sam + Sam were troopers in the cold & their dogs were hilarious! We are so excited for their wedding this year! See the feature HERE:
  • I ordered something I’ve been anticipating & searching for a bit: “Come As You Are” doormat! I love this doormat for so many reasons: the font, the phrase (I am a huge Nirvana fan), AND because it is the song that I walked down the isle to for our wedding.
  • And! Yesterday’s hockey game went SO well! We won 4-2 and I had some pretty sweet glove saves!

Wishing you an amazing week full of positivity and challenges you can learn + grow from!

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Pictured below:

My Hair, Henry, My Progress on the Staircase and Trim, and DC-3 Plane Crash photo that we took on our honeymoon.

my weekIceland plane crash

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