Solutions to 6 Common Monstera Houseplant Problems


These common Monstera problems are easily curable with just a few pointers! I am excited to share some of my Monstera care tips!

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Are you having problems with your Monstera plant? Don’t fret too much! These tips can quickly solve common Monstera plant problems with a bit of guidance and time.
Monsteras are easy to care for if the proper sunlight, water, and humidity levels are provided. Plant parents’ issues are yellow or black leaves on their Monsteras. Monstera leaf discoloration likely indicates that your plant suffers from too much water, too little water, too much light, or too little light.

These common Monstera problems are easily curable with just a few pointers! I am excited to share some of my Monstera care tips based on the questions I receive from my Instagram followers. So let’s keep your Monstera alive and thriving!

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The Most Common Monstera Problems

Monsteras will reveal they have problems when they are:

  • Over-watered
  • Under-watered
  • Sunburnt
  • Experiencing prolonged low humidity levels
  • Improperly or over-fertilized
  • Infested with insects and pests

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My Solutions to 6 Common Monstera Houseplant Problems

You love your Monstera, but you can’t help feeling like it’s not happy. However, you want to know how to make your plant thrive and enjoy the best possible life, so you’re looking for tips on taking care of it. Don’t worry! I  have some simple solutions to common monstera problems to help you grow the happiest houseplant.

1) Help! Why Are My Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow? 

Leaf discoloration is one of the most common monstera problems, but you can do some simple things to prevent this from happening.

Yellowing Monstera leaves can be a sign of overwatering. Before giving your Monstera a drink, check to ensure it needs water by sticking your finger a few inches down into the soil. If it feels dry, give it some water.

Yellow leaves can also indicate that your Monstera needs to be fertilized. I recommend only fertilizing your plant during the Spring or Summer.

Another reason could be that it is too close to a heating vent or ac vent. The rapid temperature change will dry out or be too cold or hot for your Monstera. Finally, you will want to cut off the yellow leaves at the stem’s base – there is no point in having your plant waste energy on those leaves.

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2) Help! Why Are My Monstera Leaves, Turning Black?

Black Monstera leaves are usually caused by root rot, a sign of overwatering. To fix this issue, you’ll need to take your plant out of its pot and cut away any mushy or darker roots than the others. Then, repot your Monstera into a clean jar with new, dry soil and cut off the stems with the black leaves  – there is no point in having your plant waste energy on those leaves.

monstera leaf with brown spots
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3) Help! Why Do My Monstera Leaves Have Black Splotches with Yellow Rings?

Black splotches with a yellow ring or “halo” indicate that your Monstera has a fungus. The fungus can grow if a plant stays wet for a long time. Sometimes, a new plant will have these spots if it isn’t given quality care at the store or greenhouse. Remove the spotted leaves and make sure the remaining leaves stay dry. You will want to cut off the affected stems to prevent spreading.

4) Help! Why Do My Monstera Leaves Have Black and Brown Spots?

Black or Brown spots can signify too much direct sunlight that burns a Monstera’s leaves. The best home for your Monstera is a place with bright, indirect sunlight.

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5) Help! Why Aren’t My Monstera Leaves Splitting? 

If your plant is young, you might need to be patient for a while. Monstera leaves usually don’t split until a plant is mature – which sometimes could take two years. If your plant is old enough for splitting, try putting it in an area that will get more light. Indirect, bright sunlight or a grow light should help.

I have another article about Monstera splits HERE 🙂

If you cannot place your Monstera near a brighter light source, you could consider replacing one of your light bulbs with an LED Plant Grow Light. During the winter, I like to use the bulbs from Haus Bright.

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6) Help! Why Is My Monstera Drooping and Looking Sad?

A droopy Monstera plant is either getting too much water or not enough. Check the soil more frequently to get a better idea of how often it needs to be watered. A water meter may help you with this.

If your Monstera stays wet for too long, you may need to repot your plant into a pot that provides better drainage. It’s also essential to make sure your Monstera gets enough indirect sunlight. Ensuring your plant receives suitable water and sunlight will solve the most common monstera problems.

Remember: Most house plants go dormant in the winter, meaning their metabolic processes slow down and need less watering. And then vice versa during the summer, when the plants grow more, they will require more frequent watering.

More Common FAQS About Monstera Problems

Why does my Monstera leaf look burnt?

If the plant is directly exposed to sunlight that will heat up, the plants may cause them to scorch and, therefore, look burned.

Should I cut off the yellow leaves of Monstera?

Yes, cut off any yellow, black, brown, and crispy leaves. It is not worth the plant’s energy to keep those leaves alive anymore.

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Why are my Monstera leaves breaking?

There could be several reasons why your Monstera leaves are breaking. It could be due to too much or too little water, pests, or disease. If you think it’s due to pests, check the underside of the leaves for any insects.

If you think it’s due to disease, take a leaf sample to your local nursery or garden center for diagnosis. Once you know the cause, you can take steps to remedy the issue.

Should I cut brown leaves off Monstera?

Cut brown leaves off Monstera are unnecessary, as they will eventually fall off on their own. However, if you want to tidy up the plant, you can snip them off at the base with pruning shears. Just be careful not to damage any of the healthy leaves.

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Why are my Monstera leaves curling?

The tight curling of new leaves is regular before they uncurl. Newer leaves may take a few days to open completely.

The curling of mature leaves is often a result of underwatering or a lack of humidity. Water your Montsera plant and wait a day or two to see if the leaves uncurl to see if that was the problem. Excess watering, insect infestations, heat stress, and rootbound plants are other possibilities.

Can a Monstera plant recover from root rot?

It’s possible to preserve plants with root rot, but you must act quickly. It all depends on how quickly you can dry the roots and eliminate decay. Root rot is scary; I am not going to lie. I have a few blog posts about it, but this one I think will help you if you suspect your Monstera is suffering from root rot: Root Rot: Your Houseplant’s Worst Enemy. What Is Root Rot and How to Defeat It!

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  1. I need help with my varigated monstera albo borigina, I purchased one through the mail that was already potted, It had a leaf that was fine and already had been opened. and it had a new leaf that did not open yet. once i received it i noticed that on the leaf that did not open yet had a dark brown spot around it. It was probably from shipping stress, because it was not like that it the picture whenever i purchased it. About a week later the new leaf started to open. with the brown spot still intact. It is completely opened now, With white varigation, but the brown spot on the side of the leaf is still there. I wanted to ask can I Monstera heal itself from the brown spot that is on the edge of the leaf. Because i feel so horrible because it looked like it was trying to heal itself. And i wanted to help it out by pushing the bottom of the leaf up a little bit to help it. And i accidently ripped a tiny slit in the brown spot because i did that. My main question is are they able to heal theirselves in somecases. Because the leave is perfectly healthy besides that.

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