OMG! West Elm has the Cutest Christmas Ornaments


West Elm has the Cutest Holiday Ornaments scroll all the way down to the bottom to see my favorite one!

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Omg. West Elm has the cutest holiday ornaments – and yes, I want them all!

West Elm has the Cutest Holiday Ornaments scroll all the way down to the bottom to see my favorite one! I was so in love with so many of the holiday decorations, but I especially loved all the new ornaments!! The plush animal ones are different and even more adorable every single year. Christmas ornaments are just another reason why I love the holidays so much!

Psst!!! The cutest ones sell out first – so get yours NOW! West Elm’s Christmas Tree Ornaments are seriously the cutest and some of them give a small donation to charity with every purchase!

Here are my favorite West Elm Christmas Tree Ornaments …

Paper Tree Ornament

West Elm’s modern take on traditional tree ornaments, skilled Indian artisans carefully cut, shape, and fold each of these trees by hand. Simple to assemble (just unfold and clasp together via a small magnet), they lay flat for easy storage.

They also make these nifty accordion paper trees as stand-alone decorations! I bought one yesterday!

Image: West Elm

Felt Cactus Ornaments

Hang an adorable cactus from your tree this holiday season (and you won’t have to worry about getting poked by needles).

Image: West Elm

Wire Diamond Ornament

The Wire Diamond Ornament dresses up branches and garlands with its delicate, jewelry-inspired shape and subtle shine. I think it would be cool to hang from garland going up your staircase, too!

west elm ornament

Image: West Elm

Celestial Burst Ornament

Image: West Elm.


Felt Ball Ornament

These felt ball ornaments come in two colors and are handcrafted in Nepal from felted wool, our classic red-and-white Felt Ball Ornaments add handmade cheer whether suspended from tree branches or piled into a bowl. You could gift these to friends (or yourself) and be helping others!

Image: West Elm


Whimsical Felt Ornament – Giraffe in Scarf

There’s no doubt about it: This giraffe knows a thing (or two, or three) about accessorizing. Liven up your evergreen with this playful hand-felted ornament.
I think this one is really cute because it could totally be used in a baby nursery!
Image: West Elm.

Festive Animal Ornament – Ski Mouse

Image: West Elm.

Felt Turtle Ornament

Image: West Elm.

Pauline Stanley Studio Metal Ornament – Monstera Leaf

Obviously, I had to include a houseplant ornament in this list!

Richmond-based designer Pauline Stanley translates her inspiration from natural elements and minimalism into modern geometric shapes. Laser-cut and finished by hand, the Monstera Leaf Ornament elevates a charming design in your choice of burnished brass or steel.

She makes Pineapple and Mountain ones too!!

monstera christmas ornament

Image: West Elm


ASPCA Plush Animal Ornaments

Inspired by some of Instagram’s most famous pets, we created these ornaments to support the ASPCA®. Friendly and fluffy, these plush animals are hard to resist. For every ornament purchased, we’ll donate $1 to the animal welfare organization.

Biggie Notorious P.U.G. is my favorite!

aspic west elm ornament
Image: West Elm

Love Is Love Ornament

For every Love is Love Ornament you purchase, we’ll donate 50% of the purchase price to The Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest civil rights organization working to end discrimination against LGBTQ.

love is love ornament

Image: West Elm.

Whimsical Felt Humpback Whale Pair

This one takes the cake … or should I say holiday cookie! 😉 Anyways, it is my favorite. It is so stinking cute!!

I love this ornament because Caleb and I saw a Humpback Whale on the whale-watching tour this September! When went to Seattle to photograph an engagement session for Breanne & Keith we stayed a couple of extra days so that we could explore, eat amazing seafood, and do the whale-watching tour!

This pair of whales really know how to make a splash. Double the aww-factor and liven up your evergreen with this playful hand-felted ornament.

Image: West Elm

Which ornament(s) do you like best?

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