Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!


Another trip around the sun with the love of my life!

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Caleb and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Thursday, July 29, 2021! Wow. 5 years. What a trip!

Caleb and I both took off Thursday and Friday to celebrate this wedding anniversary. On Wednesday, we stayed up till 1 am playing Mille Bournes. If you have never played this game, you are missing out. The next morning we woke up at 7:45 am because we were so excited to exchange gifts! Caleb surprised me with a beautiful custom-made art deco 5 stone emerald ring. I showed him a photo compilation video I made of us and we watched his proposal video. If you want a blast from the past, check out the video of our proposal story! I post it on my photography business Instagram account.

Mille Bournes

emerald ring

After a few happy tears and lots of hugs, we had brunch at Cafe Benelux and then went to IVME and got a Diamond Glow facial. I am writing this on Saturday afternoon, and my face STILL feels like butter!

Ren and Caleb LenhofRen and Caleb Lenhof

We came home from our facials and watered the garden together, and played with Kenzo and Vík. Then we took a 14.6-mile bike ride around the city. We followed the bike path through the 5th ward, along the lake, passing Discovery World and the Art Museum, and then made our way up to Brady St, where we stopped for tacos and a margarita at Kompali Taqueria.

We biked back home and then just relaxed on the couch and finished watching the final episodes of Bryan and Michael Voltaggio’s Battle of the Brothers! My cousin Shelby McCrone was one of the contesting chefs, and she won!!

Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio meet with the chefs before the first round challenge on the Discovery + show “Battle of the Brothers,” which streams on June 17. (Photo courtesy Discovery +)

On Friday, we slept in a bit and then made our first batch of homemade sour cherry jam. I will be sharing this recipe on the blog soon because it is out of this world! We had my homemade Starbucks Copycat Cold Foam Cold Brew and a giant blueberry muffin for breakfast.

Milwaukee domeskopps custard We went to the Milwaukee Domes together because Caleb has never been! He loved it as much as I do! We got deli sandwiches for lunch – per usual, Caleb got Salamoni and I got Tuna. Then, Caleb did a practice round of golf because he is playing in a tournament this weekend and I played pickup hockey at the rink. I absolutely killed it!! I stopped at Kopp’s on the way home from the rink because it was our favorite flavor: Cookies and Cream.

Blackwood brothers restaurant Ren and Caleb Lenhof

I showered and got ready and then when Caleb got home he changed into nicer clothes and we went to one of our new favorite restaurants: Blackwood Brothers. Caleb had the meatloaf and I got the Macaroni and Cheese. We played a couple of rounds of bar dice with Renee, the bartender, before calling it a night.

This year’s anniversary was just as amazing as last year, but every year gets better and better! I am so happy I have found such a great friend who I love so insanely much. If you would have talked to me a decade ago I wouldn’t have even thought I would have ever gotten married. I always joked about being content living in a home full of just dogs. I met Caleb after coming out of a string of immature and unhealthy relationships. Of course, we have had our ups and downs, but I think we have grown stronger than ever because we learned how to properly communicate our feelings, thoughts, desires, dreams, and needs with each other. I am no relationship expert, but I do honestly believe that honest and thorough conversation is the biggest key to a happy marriage.

Here are a handful of photos of Caleb and Me over our past 7 years together, 5 of which we’ve been happily married!!

Caleb and Ren Lenhof

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