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Porch Swings for Summer 2020

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I love this time of the year. It’s time for evenings spent outside on the porch or patio. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect porch swing, so I decided to share what I’ve found on the interwebs so far! I love them all – I’m having a hard time deciding which porch swing I want.

The whole time I was working on this post I had “Swing, Swing” in my head. Do you remember that song circa 2002 by The All-American Rejects? Oh jeez! that was 18 years ago!! Wah. I am aging myself right now. haha

Anyways, back to the post. I’ve included swings from different brands, made from different materials, and varying prices. Enjoy!

Round-Up Porch Swings for Summer 2020Â


1) All Cedar Porch Swing

  • If you have the perfect spot, then we have the perfect swing for you. This robust farmhouse style porch swing is a relaxing addition to your porch, garden, or patio. The perfect size to comfortably accommodate two people.

2) Luna Hanging Chair

  • Inspired by a Scandinavian design from the 60s, our sculptural silhouette is hand made of bent rattan with a scooped seat that cradles you as you float. A heavy-duty loop and rope keep it secure. Style with your favorite pillow or throw and it’s the ultimate hangout.

3) BK13 Swing Sofa with Cushion

  • Add to your outdoor or indoor space the BK13 Swing Sofa with Cushion by Carl Hansen. Initially designed in 1959 by Bodil Kjaer, the sofa features a construction out of solid materials, such as teak wood, that is both contemporary and durable. The sofa hangs down from the ceiling and is held with ropes that are knotted to provided support to the sofa. Coated with oil to withstand the varying weather conditions, the sofa fits into both living rooms and outdoor porches.

4) Double Hanging Rattan Chair

  • Inspired by a Scandinavian design from the 60s (and the popularity of our original Hanging Rattan Chair), Serena & Lily updated the look with a crisp white trim and expanded the scooped seat to fit two. Add a comfy pillow in one of our signature fabrics for a pop of color. A heavy-duty loop and rope ensure that it’s super sturdy.


5) Springwood Hanging Daybed

  • Inspired by warm summers along the coast, this is a dreamy hangout. Generously sized, it’s as family-friendly as it looks. And every detail is about relaxed luxury – from the weatherproof Sunbrella® mattress that makes cleaning a breeze.


6) Sasheer Porch Swing

  • This is a four-foot-long solid wood porch swing made in Statesville, NC from local hardwoods. This swing will provide your family with a comfortable and relaxing experience for many years to come. Comes with ceiling joist hooks and chains.


7) Grove Outdoor Loveseat Swing

CB2 exclusive; Mermelada Estudio takes the traditional loveseat to new heights. Hanging by two thick black ropes, handwoven faux rattan wraps around a lightweight aluminum frame to create this cozy place to lounge. Four cushions, one seat, and three back make this easy-breezy loveseat swing extra hard to leave.

8) Classic Westport Porch Swing

  • With a look befitting harbor towns, lighthouses, and sandy beaches, the Classic Westport Porch Swing is perfect for open-air retreats. The Classic Westport Porch Swing is the perfect assimilation of comfort and style. In fact, many find this to be the most comfortable of all flat-backed Adirondack swings. Best of all, Highwood material doesn’t absorb moisture and repels dirt and grime, making clean-up a breeze. The Highwood palette offers a wide variety of colors sure to embellish your piece of paradise. Explore the entire Highwood product line to coordinate other beautiful and durable products to enhance your outdoor living space. A free zinc-plated steel chain is supplied so it is “ready to hang” to a sturdy structure (please use strong hooks – not provided – to hang the chain from and support the weight of the loaded swing).

Shop Your Porch Swing

1) All Cedar Porch Swing | 2) Luna Hanging Chair | 3) BK13 Swing Sofa with Cushion | 4) Double Hanging Rattan Chair | 5) Springwood Hanging Daybed | 6) Sasheer Porch Swing | 7) Grove Outdoor Loveseat Swing | 8) Classic Westport Porch Swing


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