Houseplant Portable Spray Waterer (2 Gallon)

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This will speed up your watering time by 200%!

It used to take me about 40 trips back and forth to the sink when I would water all of my houseplants. I got this as gift from Caleb’s parents and it has changed my life! I am able to easily watering my plants with fewer trips to the sink to refill and I can reach my plants that are up on higher shelfs and the ones in hanging planters. If you have at least 5 plants or more, get this!!

It’s also great for watering your garden!

More Details from Seller:

  • CURVED NOZZLE DESIGN – It’s air-tight, non-corrosive and leak-proof with high-quality o-rings. And the even, adjustable spray is perfect for misting, soaking and all your needs and drains tank to the drop, leaving zero residual liquid.
  • COMFORTABLE AND EFFICIENT – Solid construction and comfortable grip are what makes it a keeper. The pump handle is ergonomic, the hose and spray reach hard to reach areas and the trigger lock wand makes spraying a breeze.
  • EASY FILLING – Funnel top opening allows for easy no-mess filling. Simply unscrew, fill up the bottle, and close the lid. Pump up the pressure and you are ready to go! Our sprayer can be used with water & non viscous water based or liquid soluble products.
  • Equipped with pressure relief protection valve, can be in the case of too much air will automatically vent pressure relief, can avoid the risk of pot burst due to the pressure is too large. At the same time, the exhaust valve can also be after the work, pull up the exhaust valve to release the excess pressure in the bucket, can effectively the longer the service life.
  • PRACTICAL SPRAYING WAND- Enjoy a better reach and work standing up straight with the help of the sprayer wand. The sprayer comes with shoulder strap, so you can save your back. The comfort-grip handle has a shut-off valve, so you can rest your hand while keeping a constant flow.


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